There room badass ranks for killing opponents both in ~ night and also during the day.Time additionally seems to development while quick traveling. Exactly how is the amount of time determined? how long is one in game day/night?

The day/night cycle completes every 24 minutes.

By observing the clock in Lynchwood, you"ll keep in mind that, ~ 12:59 ~ above the clock, it goes to 1:00, thus indicating the it"s essentially a 12-hour in-game clock. You"ll also see that the day/night bike in the sky coincides to what we commonly expect as the "hours" pass.

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In addition, because that every 2nd that passes out of the game, the minute ticks when on the clock. This tells us:

1 2nd = 1 minute in-game1 minute = 1 hour in-game24 minute = 24 hours (1 day) in-game


Get in a vehicle.Drive.When the headlights turn on, it"s night.

Alternatively, go to the Friendship Gulag and kill some robots.When the searchlights turn on, it"s night.


A recording in the beginning of the video game states that Pandora"s days space over 90 hours long. V every second being a minute, that would certainly make the bicycle every 90 minutes. I have yet to test it to verify, yet from general observation that gameplay, this appears reasonable.


Shops have day-to-day offers with countdowns beginning each new day. I would imply watching those clicks regular to check out the hrs representing night and also day.


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