Borderlands 2 gets even an ext incredible as soon as you have appealing and amazing weapons. The Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes help you to get them and many various other things. If friend are brand-new to them and also want come know around them, this article is specially created for you.

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Here, I will certainly tell you every little thing important around Borderland 2 Gibbed Codes. I will explain what lock are, what castle do, and also how to use them. Also, i will current a lengthy list that codes that are all set to use.

What room Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes?

Borderlands 2 is a highly renowned RPG+FPS game. The is a mix of the intriguing role-playing genre and the incredible an initial person shooter. Anyone who’d try it out would gain addicted in just the first couple of hours. As soon as you are brand-new to the game, you’d an alert that the players you are playing with room holding shiny weapons in their backpack. You’d wonder how do they acquire it.


I’d tell you. They gain those with the help of distinct codes recognized as Gibbed codes. The Gibbed Codes are strings of message that refer to a details item in the game. You can use lock to include that items to your character. There space a many them available on the internet and you can acquire lots and lots of free stuff by utilizing them.


Borderlands 2 Gibbed password look like this ‘BL2(BwAAAADSBhYoAgPQ0BBabQAiBeIGom3i/////////z8AInCibuI=).’

Who produced Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes?

The Borderlands 2 Gibbed codes were developed by a programmer named Rick Gibbed. He has made a many programs that mod games over the food of time. The Gibbed password is his most famous project. The is known particularly for these.


After going v the post and using the codes, you deserve to visit his Patreon and also send that a donation if you like his work. You can likewise use the epos Support-A-Creator sign “Gibbed.” these will help him a lot.

Borderlands 2 Gibbed codes 2021

Here is a finish list of all Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes that you can use to get particular items. You can use these to obtain the items friend like. If you don’t know just how to use them, don’t worry, I’ll explain that as well. Just keep scrolling and you’ll recognize the rest.

Infinity Pistols 10.4 Firerate (Damage)

Fire: BL2(h/fUO8e0BnEw3Ax/hxDuBhZkmxxN9Nf+E0EybfchIKw3uJS94WW1)Shock: BL2(hxAhZz5bfUSHmRN+LUJXVNTESbux319gygutw8ZkFEycqmA76T38)Corrosive: BL2(h5QiV53rMvaq4vd55NURZZORv969Seh9yk4qeEjD2/wEtv4tVBmE)​


Infinity: BL2(h2/V3n+mGlXGeO8zxX8PVUyUhQuLayUPJYlikvHB65/Ell/prsQL)​Non-Elemental: BL2(h+CPozePh5J/Vi3jw/jfxd6HZtCMxFCRGksq8axHVGYMTatK1JJw)

Bekah assault Rifles

Boss Bekah (Damage): BL2(hwAAAAABKwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xUY/v8jACzDYADw)Wild Bekah (Fire Rate): BL2(hwAAAADQugqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xYY/v8jAPTCYADw)Cowboy Bekah (Bullet Speed): BL2(hwAAAABtNwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xcY/v8jAKzCYADw)Deadshot Bekah (Accuracy): BL2(hwAAAABkRAqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jADzCYADw)


Horse Bekah (Stability): BL2(hwAAAABNFQqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xMY/v8jAFzDYADw)Flush Bekah (Mag Size): BL2(hwAAAADg/QqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xgY/v8jAHTCYADw)Razor Bekah (Melee): BL2(hwAAAABozwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jAMzCYADw)

Ahab Launcher

derp Ahab (Damage): BL2(hwAAAACpNQFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBwo/v/DAUxBQQbw)fidle dee Ahab (Rocket Speed): BL2(hwAAAADt+QFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBoo/v/DAZxBQQbw)dum pa Ahab (Fire Rate): BL2(hwAAAABZywFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBso/v/DAXRBQQbw)gaa dunk ga Ahab (Accuracy): BL2(hwAAAAArngFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBco/v/DARRCQQbw)


dippity Ahab (Reload Speed): BL2(hwAAAACZvgFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBgo/v/DAexBQQbw)fwap a Ahab (Swap Speed): BL2(hwAAAAAi0AFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBko/v/DAcRBQQbw)Deep a Ahab (Mag Size): BL2(hwAAAACQ8AFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBYo/v/DATxCQQbw)

Conference call 5788×8 Shotguns

Fire: BL2(h8ZN6Nd0I95N5e+CTNT6H2KAOpnePMWxBqSkFQ/iJ9b46tUGbNwC)​Shock: BL2(hzmkOWcUre7Aqt2wsYwpOMbMcXJFK80rY6VWeXCp3iu3cPiUo4sG)​


Corrosive: BL2(h9wrxtwOuWM6IfVJgeDdyeq0XG4OMqoLM1NWaN84BP72ZVu+xFxo)Slag: BL2(hyAT0W9K8vz2lHebjwWCLbYLEwvOH0UPE3qxlRSf0OuCEFScgxZi)Conference Call: BL2(h2b30V2CBKuvMvEvXrDkvKbZwIhp3DjftJpgU2XciuJX+tPx1/SL)​

Legendary Sniper Rifles

Skull-Smasher (180% critical Hit): BL2(h3WuzAr60VwNpHPUoYZieWeoj+rN7UhIyJRXGskRqKpgeo6nwCDP)Skookum Godfinger: BL2(hwAAAADdJAqEKIAAB4FELgBcAEMA0AVMBZj//2Rg/v8XAHQEMwDw)Tumtum Godfinger: BL2(hwAAAACDnwqEKIAAB4FELgBcAEMA0AVMBZj//2Bg/v8XANQDMwDw)Barking Storm (Damage): BL2(hwAAAADdeQiD6AAAEYFElgBcAGMCsAWMBZgbMGRg/v+DAHwEMwHw)


Shock Sublime Storm (Melee): BL2(hwAAAACfuQiD6AAAEYFElgBcAGMCsAWMBZgbMF5g/v+DAIwDMwHw)Chikamin hawk Eye (Stability): BL2(hwAAAAC2cwSEiAMJB4FEgoJZAJMK0gVMBZj//2Fg/v+jgvwDcwry)Hyiu eagle Eye (Mag Size): BL2(hwAAAAAdAgSEiAMJB4FEgoJZAJMK0gVMBZj//2Jg/v+jgiQEcwry)

Legendary & Mythic Shields

Max Amp damage Bee Shield Fire Resistance: BL2(B18B7EVXug0YuBN6ZvxVg9zGd7TDY0oi6VjMDBfKUL8nj3V1QJw=)Max Amp damage Bee Shield Shock Resistance: BL2(B3uU2VhKSuMpHMBC0DX68rU7q34or8G30xc0BVtGNgUxasK7cnY=)


Fabled Tortoise: BL2(B5RV2vkR7ysJhQXfl8v1nRLlvtqvzJp2ZBtfyYW/kw/XD2axxG8=)Maxed impact Neogenerator: BL2(ByljCSzyGRlKcyAYwlIDLED1306CMjGUzjJTYyeUFRc5KcnLm44=)Max Amp damage Bee Shield Corrosive Resistance: BL2(BzrpwwbOnWYTrd2zRZvCc5+ZepkS0q95+PoRncNU6Ilhzmg7uAA=)​

Class Mods

Legendary Soldier: BL2(B+VlyqywrTP5IzslaERpns45Ur15es8r5I8a6WLtHr+HrKNBnnE=)​Legendary Assassin: BL2(B33KDJEYXlR5JYdBlKUqfTprbF6kGE+Eg2WbIMggxVpqEEXivtU=)​Slayer the Terramorphous Gunzerker: BL2(B2+9/OEpjUi6lJWNaNiDUQ8XW2zU2bmYYOWOn0Py0nFcKldyMCU=)


Slayer the Terramorphous Mechromancer: BL2(B9WORBcefev3BsLAnpThC8YBhCNyk1JibMGZI7haP/JhJz4mcxI=)​Legendary Assassin: BL2(B33KDJEYXlR5JYdBlKUqfTprbF6kGE+Eg2WbIMggxVpqEEXivtU=)​

Special Bonus

Since you room a loyal reader, right here is the actual treasure because that you. Simply visit THIS PAGE and also you will discover ALL the Borderlands 2 Gibbed codes that are ever before created. Since the list is method too long, ns couldn’t include them every here. So, just visit the page and also find any code girlfriend want.


Don’t forget to give thanks to me later.

How to usage Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes?

Using Gibbed password is not complicated but a many of people still don’t recognize that. If friend are among them, this is the right spot because that you. I’ll define the totality procedure right here from scratch in a step-wise manner. Just follow the indict carefully and you’ll have the preferred item on your character.

Get These things First

Before moving more with the procedure, you have to gather the right equipements. By equipments I median the following things:

.NET framework may already be current on her system. But, if that is not, just get that ASAP.

The Gibbed’s Borderlands 2 conserve Editor works to include Gibbed codes, adjust your level, money, skills, points and also many more things. You deserve to use it through the base game and also the DLC (Downloadable Content). After downloading and install it, simply unzip the “” file.

I’d additionally recommend that you backup the ‘Save’ if you room worried that it may get corrupt or break in the Editor.

Steps to monitor to use Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes

Once you have actually the over mentioned things and also Borderlands 2 in the computer, monitor these basic steps.

Step-1: after downloading and also installing the Gibbed’s Borderlands 2 conserve Editor, open it.


Step-2: click on the Open button and load her ‘Save.’

Note: The Editor will instantly find her save folder. In situation it doesn’t, you deserve to go to C:Users(Your Name)My DocumentsMy Gamesorderlands 2willowgamesavedata765XXXXXXXXXX.

Step-3: If you have much more than one conserve then select the one that you want to edit. If you have only one save, it’ll be referred to as ‘save0001.sav.’

Step-4: select the item (Weapons, Skins, Sheilds, Mods, etc) that you want from over and copy the code for it.

Step-5: now come earlier to the Editor, click the Backpack tab and then click on Paste Code.


Step-6: The item is now added to her backpack in the game. Click Save and also exit the Editor.

That’s it. Simply launch the game and also you’ll discover the preferred item glowing in the backpack. You can repeat the procedure as countless times together you like.

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Final Take

Borderlands 2 is an amazing game. It it s okay even more amazing once you know about the Gibbed Codes. Currently you know every little thing important about them. You have the right to use as many codes as you want and enrich her experience. If friend know around some more codes that ns may have missed, feel totally free to drop lock in the comments section.