Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 illustration 14: Jake Arrests His Girlfriend's ceo Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 episode 14 "The Defense Rests" saw Jake shot to save his romance through Sophia - though arresting her ceo doesn"t help.

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brooklyn ripe nine season 2 illustration 14 defense rests
Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 illustration 14 "The Defense Rests" witnessed Jake take action to conserve a relationship with Sophia - which ends with him arresting she boss. Brooklyn Nine-Nine adheres to the oddballs who comprise the title brand-new York precinct. The sitcom debuted in 2013 and also was at first sold as a star auto for Andy Samberg, however over time its become an ext of one ensemble, with a supporting cast that has Stephanie Beatriz, terrycloth Crews, and also Joe Lo Truglio.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ran for 5 seasons ~ above Fox, yet following a brief scare when it was cancelled, it found a brand-new home ~ above NBC. The series started airing its seventh season in at an early stage 2020 and season 8 has currently been provided a greenlight. The show is additionally famous because that the sweet romance between Samberg"s Jake and fellow cop Amy (Melissa Fumero, Gossip Girl), which took a couple of periods to come together.

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In Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 episode 14 "The Defense Rests," Jake to be still in a partnership with lawyer Sophia. He"s concerned she"s coming to be distant and his fear are evidenced when she expose her ceo Geoffrey (Chris Parnell, Rick and also Morty) won"t entrust her an excellent cases because she"s date a cop. She suggests a "pause," but Jake come up with a plan to charm Geoffrey by turning up uninvited to an event with terrycloth in tow. His research into Geoffrey"s hobbies backfires despite they shortly bond end making silly bets and everything go well... Until he go in top top Geoffrey snorting cocaine in the bathroom. Jake arrests him in prior of everyone, lot to the annoyance the Sophia.

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Elsewhere top top Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 episode 14, Captain Holt is confronted with a dilemma. His mortal foe Wuntch demands a recommendation letter from him because that a Boston promotion, however after wrestling with the decision - and also coming to realize it benefits him to have her gone - he gives her the letter. Sadly, it was a bluff top top Wuntch"s part and his recommendation allowed her a promotion within the NYPD instead, giving her even more authority end him. Gina and also Charles likewise spar end his father"s plan to marry her mother, but after she"s compelled into a love to heart chat v Boyle senior, she offers the marriage her blessing.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 illustration 14 ends with Sophia acting as Geoffrey"s lawyer, that doesn"t help his own instance by open admitting to being on cocaine. Sophia eventually breaks that off in spite of Jake stating he"s willing to put in the work to make the connection last. The critical scene finds Jake, Holt, and Terry commiserating end drinks, despite Terry states he"s proud of Jake for putting in the initiative to conserve the relationship, also if it didn"t job-related out.