Moreso than any type of of the previous illustration of “Burn the Stage,” this finale is a love letter native BTS to your fans.

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The eight-part docu-series finished with “Spring Day” play over the credits. As many of you already know, that tune touches my core every single time i hear it, for this reason I’m a small verklempt together I create this.

Suga, a self-professed loner, gave up his privacy come live with 6 strangers 24/7. Not gift alone was difficult for that to get used to. In retrospect, you deserve to say that of course he made the right choice. But earlier then, there to be no guarantee that BTS would come to be so popular.

The members space in commitment that Jin gets a possibility to show off his personality throughout their concerts. Together he stands on stage, ripping the end his (paper) heart because that fans, the team is in stitches in ~ his corny, however adorable, display of affection.

His puckish sense of humor is on screen again later, as the group enjoys a delicious carry-out enjoy the meal in your hotel room. (I have to say that ns love to watch them eat. It’s Eat Jin x 7, which is A-OK through me.) once Jimin leaves to use the restroom, Jin says, “Make that look choose he left.” and had the editors done his bidding, viewers would’ve assumed that Jimin left hours earlier to go to bed. To Jin’s delight, Jimin phone call him the end on it. It’s funny, due to the fact that the teasing wasn’t mean-spirited, however rather familial.

One of the recurring themes in “Burn the Stage” is just how the band members comfortable joke around with each other, but rarely take it come a level whereby they will certainly hurt others through their words. There is a korean word called 눈치 (noonchi). (눈 literally translates to eyes.) The the next English indigenous or summary I have the right to think of would certainly be tact; or the ability to read a person’s desire without their saying so.

An example of 눈치: Being available to remain for a meal. In plenty of cultures, the invitation would be take away at confront value. But in oriental society, the invite is often prolonged as a courtesy and also the recipient is supposed to politely decline (at first). Noonchi is the capacity to listen the invitation and gauge your surroundings — Did lock already set the table for their household members only? Is there enough food to feeding an A.R.M.Y. (pun intended!)? — before answering. A person who doesn’t have actually noonchi will sit under to eat without realizing the there is very small food at an currently crowded table.

I presented a absence of noonchi during a recent trip to Korea v my family. As my cousin was driving us ago to our hotel in Busan, ns asked if he had actually a stick of gum because that my son. The apologized and also said that didn’t. I didn’t think something of it. A couple of minutes later, he pulled approximately the nearest convenience store, went in and came back with 5 various packs of gum, snacks and drinks. He believed that my asking for gum was my means of hinting that my son was tho hungry. (He wasn’t!) But due to the fact that he didn’t desire me to think I had burdened him, he took a pole of gum for himself and also said he had actually wanted it, too.

The 7 young guys in BTS have great noonchi. In instances that could become overly confrontational, they evaluate the situation and choose your words wisely. This doesn’t mean they don’t argue. Castle do. Yet living together without tact would be disastrous.


In his one-on-one interview, Jin states he didn’t desire to be an entertainer farming up. His goal to be to come to be a businessman, choose his father. Yet after watching a particularly good Korean drama, he decided to try acting instead.

Score 1 suggest for K-Dramas!

“I had zero attention in ending up being a singer,” that says. “I’m not specifically a prodigy, however I work hard at it.”

Jin is for this reason comfortable on stage as a performer that it would be a dead if he didn’t accomplish his dreams of ending up being an gibbs one day.

Jimin graciously adds that watching Jin’s industriousness has urged him to do much better and prosper as well.

True story: Jin’s voice is my favorite among those in the vocal line. Though each has actually his very own strengths together a singer, Jin’s vocals have actually a timbre that I find not only appealing, yet comforting together well.

Jin likewise points out just how touched the is as soon as he hears non-Korean fans singalong with them in concert. He stated he knows they have to learn the text phonetically and compliments the initiative they put into doing so.

I thought about how English is shoved on oriental students from a very young age. Some, favor RM, space prodigies who will teach us to master the language. Others may have parents who have the method to send them overseas to Australia, Canada or the United claims to learn to speak English better. But most Koreans will struggle with it, since English doesn’t make lot sense and also is an incredibly an overwhelming second language to learn.


Always the realist, Suga knows that their level of popular won’t last forever; the their youth will be unable to do in a couple of years; and that there’s no guarantee their fans will remain with them. On stage, Suga breaks down in tears, saying that they started out v the modest hope of sharing their music — and they have turned that hope right into reality.

RM echoes the sentiment, saying he would favor their fans to flourish old through them.

I’m going to take a moment below to speak something around young, woman fans. There are so countless bands the are nearly resentful of having young fans. Castle revel in mentioning that they have a many men getting here at your concerts, together if having actually male fans is a bigger note of relevance than girls mirroring up. Together the mommy of a boy, ns ask: Why is a boy’s opinion ~ above pop society considered an ext valuable than a girl’s?

Why is it the men acquiring drunk and also screaming for your favorite sports hero is acceptable, yet young women liking a boy band is something come make fun of?

I to be heartened come hear BTS say that they wanted to grow old through the fans they had. They didn’t say they want to swap the fans the end for older A.R.M.Y.s or men.

Shortly before their power in Macau, large Hit exit this statement:

“Yesterday top top November 3, Jimin skilled some mouse in his neck and also shoulder if flying end to Macau. Automatically upon arrival, the was required to a local emergency room to undergo some medical examinations and treatment.

“After walk through another checkup this morning, there to be no abnormal findings but we to be told that Jimin need to avoid any strenuous physical activity. Therefore, Jimin will certainly not it is in participating in performances through choreography, along with some various other stages.

“We sincerely apologize for bring about worry among fans who’ve been waiting for their Macau concert. Say thanks to you.”

Even despite it was suggested that he skip the show and heal, Jimin said, “No.” He claimed his not being on stage would make the pan worry more about his health, and also he wasn’t about to perform that. He additionally was cognizant that the reality that he didn’t know when they would do there again.

The band determined a means to include him, while allowing him to rest on stage.

I’ve talked around their solid work ethic before, but I likewise believe there is something come their korean upbringing that renders them press through their pain. Mine parents never ever missed a work of work, due to the fact that you just don’t do that, also if you’re sick. I think about a eye day we had actually in Chicago as soon as I was in high school. My dad dropped me off, also though the news had reported that it was closed. Having lived through so numerous hardships in Korea, the couldn’t believe that college would be closed because that a “little snow.” He said that if students show up, they will teach us.

Nope. The custodian who opened up the door said me to go back home. Ns waited for the bus to head ago to our house, so the my dad wouldn’t it is in late because that work.

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In many ways, ns feel the what Jungkook said applies to plenty of things in life: “We’ve been lucky, but we operated hard for that luck.”


Airdates: The eight-episode series premiered on march 28. The finale will certainly air on may 9, 2018, ~ above YouTube Red. Read more of my reviews of “BTS: Burn the Stage” here: Episode 1 & 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Illustration 5. Episode 6. Illustration 7. My evaluation of “Burn the Stage: The Movie” is here.