"If you leaving someone, at least tell them why, due to the fact that what"s more painful 보다 being abandoned.. Is understanding you"re no worth an explanation..."

- indigenous a particular fanfic; "If i was his Ms. Right"


Annyeong ARMYs~! Haru here, and also I"m in the mood because that blogging for this reason randomly however again. So for today I"m gonna be covering.. Yup, friend guessed it.. Love is not Over (Both Outro and also Full Version). I simply feel choose this tune is not highly appreciated the much. So below I am now, prepared to blurt about this favorite song of mine (err.. Forget I stated that).

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As several of you might currently know, the song "Love is no Over" is written and also composed through both Jin and Jungkook, alongside many other composers and producers that course. The talks about the hardships, struggles, and also pain the wanting come love who dear and/or close to you again until the end. Right here I quote the english translate in of the tune to permit you get the gist of what I"m saying here:

"Love is for this reason painful,

Goodbyes are even more painful,

I can"t go on if you"re not here,

Love me, love me,

Come earlier into mine arms."

As what is discussed above, this track is actually heart clenching even though the music is so soothing and somewhat sweet (Feels bad Man!). To think, this song is like among those moody RnB ballad songs that RnB singers generally sing. In fact, it sound a lot like what most RnB singers would put out.

(P.S. Jungkook"s voice below is.. OMG, mine hearteu is.. Oh Mai Gawd!)

════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ════

So currently that you know the gist that what the song is all about, let"s move on come another point in this topic.

As most of united state would currently know, Love is not Over has actually 2 versions, namely the Outro and the full Length Edition, which room both contained in the HYYH album series. Both songs only have actually a little to no one difference, in i beg your pardon I"ll it is in talking about in the next sections.

════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ════

Outro: Love is not Over

Most Beautiful moment in Life (Part 1)

Outro: Love is not Over is as what the title has put off. It"s an Outro track for the an initial part album that HYYH. Kinda like and ending track to finish one entirety album and/or song. In the outro version, the vocal line once again takes every the credits for its beautiful RnB-ish ballad track. Amongst all the outros BTS produced, this is by much my favorite surpassing my lengthy time favorite outro, Propose.

Just prefer their ahead outros, the monitor was also short yet this time ns personally think the harmonies and arrangement were better, or even perfect to my senses... And also of course how deserve to I forget those heart fluttering currently that offers off so lot feels to mine heart. Also though this variation is absent a rap, it is tho a beautiful finishing to the HYYH"s 1st EP.


Love is no Over (Full size Edition)

Most Beautiful minute in Life: Young Forever

If I"m going come be honest with you, my overall thoughts around this song having actually a complete version is utterly surprising indeed. As much as i loved the Outro variation of this song, Love is not Over provided us much more of that by adding in extra verses for the laboratory line. And those extra verses really took off a deep take to what the track is every about. Favor what J-Hope simply rapped in the tune for example:

"Everything quit as if there was a red light,

Every lied that has actually been said finished in tears,

I"m no okay, every little thing wrong is continue again.

If you might only to speak it to mine heart the end loud,

There would be a windy breeze,

But i still have everlasting love in i m sorry I offer to you."

How hard and tragic deserve to this song just go on? however it"s not just J-Hope"s part, most of the rap lines" parts took off a heart clutching record to the song. As expected, this version is as great as it constantly was but we got more from that which made it also better. What"s not to like around this one?

The feeling man!


In a Nutshell

Why execute I even...?

So typically speaking, I dislike this song. I hate it come the suggest that I"m beginning to autumn in love with it. Wait, the sounded pretty complicated... But moving on!! No matter how.. Tragic.. And also how lot the feels the gives.. And whatever that is the I"ve already mentioned above, this song still has actually a location in mine fangirling heart.

Sure, the tune somehow provided a bit of feels to the listeners. However thinking about it now, this is BTS we"re talk about. No issue what the track is all about, BTS would surely pull turn off a great music. As well as the things I"ve stated above, the harmonies, the beats.. Particularly the music itself, it really and surely imprints a bit of love to united state listeners.

And talking about the track "Love is not Over", I"ll speak this over and over again. Also though the text to the song is rather sad, this song is still full daebak. The vocals are so good I can cry. And with the full version out, every verse fits in perfectly and also the rap doesn’t feel out of place. If anything the adds the many to the complete version, adding texture and also another layer to the song.


*thinks that she went turn off topic there* Anyways, right here ends mine blog.. Or what girlfriend might contact "random" blog. Feel totally free to placed down your thoughts under in the comment below. Thanks for reading guys. This is Haru, signing off~

"XOXO for simply One Day"

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its truly one of my favourite songs

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Arum :blossom:

Just by chance heard and also I"m start falling in love with this song :) Members voice, lyric, melody it"s all suit!

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Jiminie_Trash #EliteVotingTeam

This tune truly doesn"t get sufficient recognition!!! You determined my favorite song, I"m therefore happy!! i would have never guessed it to be such a sad tune if I had never looked at the lyrics! the hit me best in the feels!!

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『нarυĸιe✿』 writer

It really does!! and also I likewise feel the very same after analysis through the translation. As much as I thought that the tune was all around the most usual thing in popular music Ballad songs, this one yes, really shook me to the core!

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Jiminie_Trash #EliteVotingTeam

Reply to: 『нarυĸιe✿』

Bts always has that impact on us, huh. They yes, really are one of a kind!

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