General InfoSince 1989, Buckeye Pawn Shop has actually been the premier pawn shop in Columbus, OH, through customer service that’s a cut over the rest. Native electronics and musical instruments to jewelry, tools, and more, we function a substantial inventory of brand-new and provided items. Plus, we always maintain a skilled demeanor and a clean, easy-to-navigate showroom. Whether you’re looking come pawn things or looking for the piece that completes her collection, ours team deserve to help. We look for to know your circumstances very first and then carry out a quick solution. Our team has detailed knowledge of typically pawned items to provide accurate appraisals, as well as the expertise to finish a range of jewelry repairs. Visit united state today!Hours
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Christopher C.

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I walk in yesterday morning to offer 3 items. Prior to I even got there, i was said by a woman employee that ns would obtain an offer. I visited the buy counter and set my items down and also a outright headed guy looked in ~ them. I was then told "I"m no accepting anything, bye." the was inexcusable, he was incredibly rude come me for no reason. I went in years ago and if ns remember effectively was treated harshly by the same individual. Over there is a right method and a wrong way to do business, and that jerk was doing that wrong. For this reason they will certainly never get my company again. Therefore if you do go in to offer be all set to resolve what ns did.

Jennifer R.

The just pawn show I will go to really nice civilization and very reasonable v what they deserve to offer you because that what you have witch is usally fifty percent of what they deserve to make off it but I favor there company so i will continue to come below thanks for every little thing you guys are wounderfull people

Jason W.

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Very rude staff. Readily available $75 on one iPad. I tried to acquire $100. Employee that i was no working v interrupted and also started informing me off for obtaining more. I have actually 3 things on loan there, and with the means these human being act, I fear for the stuff I have there. Ns wouldn"t out it previous then to damage it. Luckily, i took pictures of mine PRS practice 22 Artist Ruby etc right prior to I took before I pawned it. If over there is any damage, I have proof that it to be pristine prior to getting a loan. Little bald male thinks he is on Pawn Stars or something. The mrs in there has actually an attitude and has told off others client while I have actually been there. The old guy likes to run his mouth once your transaction has actually nothing to carry out with him. I understand this is a business, yet a small decency and courtesy would go a long way towards developing an environment that is conducive to doing business. If you great to be treated poorly, by all means, go here. I, for one, will certainly not.