It is an expression of surprise. There are rather a few phrases choose this linked with countryside America. The point is describe something very surprising or the you"d never have thought someone can actually do.

Some more an excellent ones:

Paint me green and call me a cucumber.Slap me through bread and also call me a sandwich.Pin mine tail and call me a donkey.Fry me in butter and also call me a catfish.Saddle my ago and contact me a horse!

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You might say something choose this if you simply learned other surprising, particularly if it"s something contradictory to what you previously believed. It means that you were foolish in her previous belief, therefore it"s a colorful method of speak "Call me a fool (or any kind of other silly-sounding thing), I admit I was mistaken."

A similar one is "Shut mine mouth."

As Hydrangea notes, it absolutely is a countryside American idiom.


Both the over are good. Ns would include that it sounds ironic - the is too blatantly "redneck" come be used as an exclaim of genuine suprise. It would be offered ironically, because that example, if something is really obvious.

Secondly, top top useage, it should be only informally - it would be viewed as unprofessional to usage this in any other context 보다 a casual one with peers of her own age that you have known because that a long time.

The brother (UK) equivalents could be - ironic, definition that it very obvious: "No shit, Sherlock" i.e sarcastically you have actually the deductive capability of Sherlock Holmes (meaning you do not, and rather, you are stating the obvious). A classic British identical of these "hick" Americana, would certainly be the superbly understated: "Really?"


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