Call of Duty’s last several releases have been mired in a variety of controversies bordering the players’ movement abilities. Starting with progressed Warfare in 2014, players were given ‘enhanced’ activity capabilities in the kind of jetpacks – with each complying with game tweaking the way in which movement worked. ~ the relax of unlimited Warfare however, contact of Duty returned to boots ~ above the ground – and also according to David Vonderhaar, Treyarch’s Studio design Director, the next contact of Duty will be no different.

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On Twitter, a fan made a inquiry to Vonderhaar the the next call of Duty – i beg your pardon is slated to be occurred by Treyarch – should contain jetpacks, saying “you butter (sic) have actually jetpacks in the next cod”. Vonderhaar responded through a critical “NO.” come which one more fan claimed that “jetpacks will certainly revive cod!” Vonderhaar continued to be resolute however, stating that the fans requesting for the return the jetpacks have actually “such temporary memories. Girlfriend hung me indigenous the highest possible branch. No. NO. I have actually PTSD.”


While that is unknown whether Vonderhaar actually has PTSD, or is just exaggerating, what is well-known is the fact that jetpacks in call of Duty remain highly controversial come this day. Looking ago at previous speak to of Duty titles, it can be checked out that while crucial reviews the the last 7 games have remained reasonably consistent, the pan reviews have followed a particular trend, depending upon whether the game in question had jetpacks or not.

With the present generation that consoles, the games which have had some kind of jetpack movement have actually received (relatively) equally together many an unfavorable reviews ~ above Metacritic, as optimistic reviews (the exemption being infinite Warfare). Meanwhile, those which continued to be boots top top the ground, received an ext negative than positive reviews, sometimes overwhelmingly so. That being said, that is clear that contact of Duty pan are split on the principle of jetpacks in the franchise regardless.

With Vonderhaar confirming the the following title won’t have actually jetpacks, it’ll be interesting to see what the pan reception will be, come the announcement and also release the the following title later this year.

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