One Piece: 10 Things around Devil fruits In One piece That renders No sense Are you a pan of the hit anime series "One Piece" & room a curious around those mysterious devil fruits? these fruits room pretty confusing & here"s why!

One Piece gets a many credit because that being a 20+ year-long story that has very tiny plot holes. And also it is precisely that, so the deserves that credit. Eiichiro Oda is a understand of mixing all types of various storytelling aspects into a solitary tale around a dweeb with a rubber body and a straw hat.

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But, Luffy"s rubber body comes from a mysterious power called a evil one Fruit. And, while they"re the automobile for many of the fantastical facets in the show, they"re additionally probably a principle rife with inconsistencies. So we"ll be looking in ~ the determinants that make the least sense regarding these swirl-covered an enig fruits.

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more than likely the most apparent aspect concerning Devil fruit is what exactly their calling map weakness is. On paper, eat one transforms a human being into a "hammer" in water. What this way exactly varies from Volume to Volume. In ~ first, it meant that DF individuals can"t swim and can just drown in the sea. Climate it came to be they shed all stamina and can"t really also move in seawater. Now, it"s the idea that they lose all stamina once up previous their waists in "still water". Therefore rain, waves, and moving water don"t influence them at all. But, we"ve seen plenty of examples that prove the opposite, and also don"t even get us began on Karouseki, the metal infused v "sea energy".

There"s a tell-tale way to discover out if a personality is an ext than a background lot in One Piece. And that method is, the course, seeing if they have their own distinct laugh. Indigenous Luffy"s Shishishi to Arlong"s Shashasha to even Ceasar Clown"s Shurororo, they"re all hilariously different! But, there room a select few DF users whose laugh perfectly matches the Japanese onomatopoeia/vocabulary. These examples are the now-deceased Whitebeard"s Gura Gura fruit and his Gurarara laugh, Perona v her Horo Horo fruit and also her Horohorohoro laugh, and huge Mom"s chef Streusen"s Kuku Kuku fruit equivalent his Kukukuku laugh. But, why carry out three DF users carry out this and also the rest don"t?

The group of devil Fruits deserve to be broken into three categories. Zoan"s have the right to transform partly or fully into actual or mythical animals, Logia"s can both produce and completely become a particular element, and also Paramencia"s are the many varied v some having actually odd powers and also others transforming the composition of their bodies.

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However, Caribou, a cool Line pirate, can completely turn into a swamp/mud. Meanwhile, Katakuri have the right to nullify damage to his body by ending up being Mochi and also create it (though he is awakened). So why is Caribou, pistol reoccurring character that he is, a Logia and Katakuri isn"t? Why have the right to Mr. 3 produce Wax indigenous nothing however Luffy can"t make rubber?

7 deserve to There Be two Of The Same adversary Fruit also If One Is Artificial?

These artificial Devil Fruits called SMILE room made by Caesar Clown because that Doflamingo who then sells them to brand-new World Emperor Kaido. And, they"re every Zoan-type fruits, v a short success ratio. We"ve seen a bunch of this fake fruit in Wano and how they differ from really Zoan DF"s. One lad has a hippo farming out that him, one guy has a Lion in his stomach, and also one dude transforms his hands into sheep horns. But, there"s an ironclad dominion in One Piece that only one devil Fruit power have the right to exist in ~ once. Yet we"ve seen a wolf Zoan multiple time in the lift of Wano. Does that typical CP9"s Jabra is currently dead and the pet is free, or do the exact same rules not use to SMILE?

The inside mechanics of how evil one Fruits impact the body and pass on space vague in ~ best. According to a Vegapunk report, DF"s readjust the "Lineage Factor" of a human at a molecular level (it"s DNA). But, how does that occupational for objects that have eaten DF"s? How around the magic that a fruit ending up being a evil one Fruit whenever the wielder dies? because that example, as soon as Smiley passed away in Punk Hazard, a nearby apple turned right into a brand-new Saru Saru No Mi, however is it constantly the closest fruit? walk Blackbeard organize up one apple beside Whitebeard"s dead body in order to steal the Gura Gura No Mi?

5 how Do You feeding Slimes & weapons These Fruits?

So, the very first time we view this absurd concept is once Usopp and also Chopper room fighting miss Merry Christmas and Mr. 4 during the Alabasta Arc. Mr. 4 has a cannon the "ate" the Inu Inu No Mi Model: Daschund. Due to the fact that then, his cannon also became a sentient dog that can fire cannonball. After that, there to be Funkfreed, a sword that "ate" the Zou Zou No Mi and became one elephant sword.

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But, we still don"t know exactly how this also works! Even an ext nonsensical, Ceasar Clown manages to feeding a literal sphere of toxicity the Saru Saru No Mi Model: Axolotl and also create a sentient weapon. It"s a fun twist on devil Fruits in general yet makes no sense whatsoever...yet.

okay so here"s the thing, a lot of evil one Fruits mechanics are vague. Few of them are clear-cut on what your wielder have the right to do favor with Luffy, if others have powers that room fluid and vague prefer Princess Viola. And also yes, we"re talking about the time she cried literal whale tears. However that"s not all! Why are Doflamingo"s strings therefore sharp and unbreakable? Why have the right to Buggy only fly when his feet room on the ground? Why can Blackbeard"s Darkness fruit disable DF users? top top the surface, the seems like a evil one Fruit is only as strong as the user"s creativity, but in reality, it"s greatly dependant top top how author Eiichiro Oda is feeling once he invents the fruit. Though, we"d love to see how Viola plays in a Pirate warrior game.

3 exactly how Does Mizu Luffy Make any Sense?

Okay, for this reason Mizu Luffy. This is a form the dweeby Strawhat takes while fighting Mr. O also known together Crocodile. This guy has the Suna Suna No Mi, which makes him a Sand Human and Logia user. Before Haki, the man couldn"t be harmed, unless you wet his sand. So, figuring this out, Luffy coats self in water in a rare example of intelligence and ends increase beating the former Shikibukai.

But how does Luffy have any type of stamina at all once covered in "still water"? as we claimed earlier, it"s quiet water the drains a DF user"s stamina, not only seawater. It"s an instance of future rules in the series running previous actions.

garments stretch and also adapt to their DF user because they have actually to. Otherwise, there would be naked world strutting around and also that ain"t make it to the front page of Shonen Jump. So as soon as Chopper goes big then small, his hat and shorts readjust with him. As soon as Luffy turns into Boundman, his garments stretch. However then what around Jewelry Bonney, the Worst Generation pirate? when Bonney transforms her age, her clothing don"t change! It would certainly be fine if every other character"s clothes didn"t monitor this unspoken rule.

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1 There"s one Enclypedia around Devil Fruits, Why Is Blackbeard The only One To utilize It?

and also finally, it"s been proclaimed by multiple personalities a variety of times in-canon the there is a mass-produced encyclopedia that known devil Fruits out there. Us haven"t precisely seen the book itself but both Blackbeard and also Strawhat cook Sanji know about it. Yet if that"s the case, why aren"t there an ext people searching for the specific fruit they want as Blackbeard did? Shouldn"t the be a an ext common occurrence? And, how are adversary Fruits a myth exterior of the grand Line if there"s whole book around them? Sanji check out it constantly together a kid, so we understand there are duplicates of the in phibìc Blue. Climate again, he"s a Vinsmoke, so possibly they had literature not widely easily accessible to the remainder of the world.

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