We often see DIY human being doing their very own work and also mixing 14 & 12 on the very same circuit and also we have to tell lock they should be top top a 15A breaker.I have come across some union electricians who run 14 from switches to fixtures however have lock on a 20A breaker i beg your pardon IS a problem. Ns was told the they have actually been teach this because that years because they space using the madness rule. OK, really?Anyway, the an initial subject is a little touchy because it renders it challenging to do an inspection when all of the wires coming right into the panel space 12 yet many that the circuits have actually 14 in lock too.There is nothing versus code mix wire size for this circuits as lengthy as the OCPD matches the the smallest wire. Us ask castle to mark the wires with tags in the dashboard so that in the future and also for last inspection, we know what is what. I wish it remained in the password to require noting the best OCPD or stating the the smallest wire size in the panel ON the cable (probably v non-conductive, no flammable tags). This has been a ill subject and also no one has given us a difficult time about marking them, also though it is not code and we merely tell castle that"s what us would choose to see currently that you have actually mixed 12 n 14.Of food commercial is another story because of voltage drop, etc. But I post this in residential.

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Jeff,Just a bit of details you can find interesting.As you probably currently know ns sit top top CMP 10. CMP 10 covers article 240. Throughout the 2014 code hearings a proposal come require marking conductors together you have mentioned was purposed and passed the proposal stage. Throughout the comment stage the proposal failed.Here is the proposal and also the comments.
_______________________________________________________________________________________________10-18 log in #1548 NEC-P10_______________________________________________________________________________________________David Clements, worldwide Association of electric InspectorsRevise text to read as follows:Add the following sentence to the finish of 240.4: whereby circuit conductors are enhanced in size for any kind of reason, such asvoltage autumn or de-rating, lock shall be marked or tagged with: best circuit ampacity xxx amps.When an installer uses bigger conductors for a circuit since of voltage autumn or de-rating factorsthere is no indication because that follow increase installers or owner of the plan circuit size. Persons could look in ~ the conductorsize and install bigger overcurrent protection based upon the size of the conductor and also inadvertently cause the circuit come beover loaded.Add new section after section 240.4 as follows:240.11 whereby circuit conductors are boosted in dimension for voltage fall orderating purposes, the conductors candlestick be significant or tagged in ~ the point where the conductor(s) get their supplywith the preferably level that overcurrent protection. The identification method shall be an ideal for the environment.The intent of the submitter is met through the activity to develop a brand-new section, which rises usability.The exemption was added by the dashboard to exempt installations where documentation of together installation information is readilyavailable.
The proposal was accepted in principal and modified at the proposal stage. An alert that it was the IAEI that submitted the proposal.Here is the ballot last at the comment stage.

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10-8Eligible come Vote:12 Affirmative: 11 Negative: 1 Abstain: 0 no Returned: 0240.4(Log # 1012 )NegativeKauer, R.There is an worry when conductors are increased in size and also the reason for the rise is no readily evident due to the conductorsbeing concealed. It makes it very daunting to identify the correct overcurrent protective maker for future repairs and replacements as soon as theseconditions exist. Labeling the the conductors, once oversized, v the best overcurrent protective an equipment size will help future repair andreplacements be made in a safe and code compliant manner
Notice the at the comment stage all the various other panel members other than me and also Robert Kauer poll to disapprove the change.Chris

Well, look at that filed the comment.The vote states Kauer was the only human being to support changing the password at the comment stage?

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TimNY said:
Well, watch at that filed the comment.The vote claims Kauer to be the only human to support an altering the password at the comment stage?
Yes, Robert Kauer was the just voting member of dashboard 10 to support the adjust at the comment stage. I also supported the change but am not a vote member but sit as the alternative to Robert Kauer.Chris

Chris, many thanks for the information and also no, ns did not recognize you were on the CMP and also don"t recognize your complete name either. Really interesting as this important is a problem at the investigate stage due to the fact that we watch it throughout rough however not final and also it is final when the breakers room installed and also we cant do anything around it return we execute with no resistance.