So i’ve taken all the preliminary measures Resetting console, resetting modem and router, turning off and also on ipv6 and also resetting. Transforming off and also on upnp. Clearing my MAC resolve and collection a revolution ip and port forwarded. All through the exact same outcome

Can who tell me what’s going on or what ns doing wrong???? Thanks


Hey All, simply sharing my story - my internet/live link was actually good - then my apartment temporarily lost power and also since then i began to acquire this teredo error. If I could still beat online gamings there to be a ton more lag - and also i knew something to be up.

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I reset mine router, and enabled IPv6 (apparently the default is disabled), and i did a manufacturing facility reset on my console (but selected the alternative to preserve all game and app data). After that the connection returned to normal.

Good luck!

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Not sure if this helps but as your article is a little vague below is the explanation because that teredo indigenous Wikipedia:

"In computer system networking, Teredo is a transition modern technology that gives full IPv6 connectivity because that IPv6-capable hosts that space on the IPv4 Internet however have no native connection to one IPv6 network. Unlike comparable protocols, it can perform its duty even from behind network address translation (NAT) devices such as house routers.

Teredo operates utilizing a platform independent tunneling protocol that provides IPv6 (Internet Protocol variation 6) connectivity by encapsulating IPv6 datagram packets in ~ IPv4 User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packets. Teredo courses these datagrams ~ above the IPv4 Internet and through NAT devices. Teredo nodes in other places on the IPv6 network (called Teredo relays) obtain the packets, un-encapsulate them, and also pass them on.

Teredo is a temporary measure. In the long term, every IPv6 hosts should use aboriginal IPv6 connectivity. Teredo should be disabled when indigenous IPv6 connectivity becomes available. Christian Huitema developed Teredo in ~ Microsoft, and also the IETF standardized it together RFC 4380. The Teredo server listens top top UDP port 3544."

So if i know you appropriately you dont have IPv6 through your ISP yet? as the console is the IPv6 qualified host the would shot to use the teredo tunneling right into the IPv4 of her provider. If her ISP already uses IPv6 there is no must use teredo.

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If friend cannot gain an open NAT it has actually most likely to do with her router therefore you need to investigate into that direction closer. If the router has actually that option i would test the DMZ alternative where the console is not behind the router. Or you could check internet foren for your router design or your ISP to see if someone has the same issue with the same setup and found a solution.