We recommend patients check-in at least 24 hrs prior to surgery in order to check details and learn an ext about your care.

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We"ve developed a long standing relationship based on patient care and trust

Carolina Bone & share is a advanced outpatient orthopedic surgery center with end 25 neighborhood participating physicians and surgeons. Our specialties incorporate hand surgery, knee replacement, hip replacement and also our basic is qualified of providing almost every bone & joint surgical need.

Our facility is a safe and convenient high quality alternative to inpatient hospitalization. Our clinical staff is certified in every required fields including advanced cardiac life support. Anesthesia solutions are listed by plank certified Anesthesiologists specializing in outpatient anesthesia.

Carolina Bone and also Joint proud serves every patients transparent Horry County and the Myrtle coast area, and also is conveniently located at 101 surgeons Dr, off of Carolina woodland Blvd. Our center is cursed to exceeding the greatest standards for top quality care and also patient safety. We measure clinical performance through constant quality improvement, peer review, and also patient satisfaction surveys.


High-quality, progressed surgical and medical care!

Ranked amongst the finest orthopaedic surgical centers in southern Carolina


Personalized patient treatment is what to adjust Carolina Bone & joint Surgery facility apart from the rest. When you visit our Carolina woodland campus you have the right to expect come receive human being class care.

Our bone and also joint surgery specialists are some of the best practitioners in the Myrtle beach Area, and also they work carefully with athletics and also labor areas alike to respond easily to all orthopedic concerns.

We perform both repairs and replacement on almost all bones and also joints, particularly in the knees and also hips.

Carolina Bone and Joint Surgery facility is cursed to offering value-based treatment that meets the complicated needs of our patients and also community. Ours team and specialists are consistently working come ensure that every patience receives the highest possible quality care in an efficient and also cost efficient manner.

We strictly abide by the terms detailed in the an alert of Privacy techniques where you will certainly find an ext information loved one to HIPAA/privacy information.

If you have questions you re welcome feel complimentary to contact us.

We promised the ideal patient care… and we delivered

What some of our happy patients are saying.

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absolutely the finest surgical facility ns have ever before been in. This provides my ninth surgery, 2 in ~ this facility.
I had never experienced anything like this prior to in mine life. I did not recognize what to expect and couldn"t have had a more pleasant experience. Say thanks to you to every the staff that had actually a hand in resulting in this.
i had been at the center before and when return the staff remembered me. Give thanks to you the was nice!
I wanted the surgery facility to the hospital. The staff here operated together very WELL. Love the cook gown and the electronic leg compression. Dr Gayton to be great!
There are not enough good things because that me to say around this experience. Native the pre-surgery call to the contact the day after, everything was just perfect. Say thanks to you!
Jim H patient


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