(CBS4) – Cleaning crews spent component of your Sunday washing graffiti turn off of the Cathedral Basilica that the Immaculate Conception. The basilica sits on Colfax Avenue in ~ Logan Street in downtown

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(credit: CBS)

Messages including “My body, my choice” to be spray painted on the St. Louis Catholic Church in Louisville in beforehand September.

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The Archdiocese the released the following statement come CBS4:

 “It continues to be troubling to see the increased reports that vandalism in ~ Catholic churches, both across the county and in our archdiocese, and also it is certainly unfortunate as soon as our parishes space targeted simply because of our beliefs.

Since February 2020, the Archdiocese that is conscious of at least 25 parishes or ministry places in north Colorado that have actually been the target of vandalism, home destruction, or theft. This has included broken windows, damaged and defaced statues, graffiti, attempted arson, vehicle damage, stolen spiritual items, and also other break-ins and thefts. An ext than 10 occurrences have arisen in the last 6 months.

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Some the the incidents have been clearly targeted at the Catholic Church, but not all of them. The number could be higher because part minor events are not always reported.

We proceed to pray for the switch of those who carry out plot of desecration against our churches, statues, and religious symbols.”