Special thanks to benisuber and also all other civilization in this remarkable thread!

I'm destroying lil glowing circles the say something around cache progression. I'm simply assuming these will open up that pavonis 45 cache

That's the collectibles ~ above Mars, watch in the reduced right hand that the map and you have to see your progression numbers.

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pavonis 45 = sparrow (you need all 45) cache in one of the two shed sectors demands in hellas container you require 39 = exotic sword

Datto has terrific guide for all of them

You get components of the frequencies in arbitrarily drops and from chests, you require 4 to do a frequency and also it applies to one certain pod.

Currently I'm do the efforts to find the descent.cavern.warsat pod, and no clue whereby it is, there space two warsats in the ice caverns at the begin its neither of them, stumped.

im grounding on one its dubbed aurora mindlab observation. I have actually looked everywere from aurora to mindlab rasputin however cannot it seems ~ to discover it

Edit: just discovered out it together the begin of the enntrance gate to the aurora breach area, its ~ you run up the stairs ~ the huge octahedral then ideal after the first door in the small room over there is a little hole in the floor, its very hard come see and there need to be one below it. I only uncovered it reason i dont play v music on and heared the sound all of a suddenly after turning it on.

I still can't uncover it. What is the surname of the area on the map wherein you found the monitoring one?

I to be stuck ~ above this because that the longest time as well. Eventually looked down close to the music and also there it was under the grate

Just finished, so I'll be experimentation out and also updating the list with the name of the frequencies. Many thanks for the info.

If anyone find Dynamo.Coolant.Ventilation I will be eternally thankful (or at the very least for a couple days). I have actually spent one hour now checking all 9 Dynamo and also 2 Dynamo strategy locations currently detailed as well as every other nook and also cranny I might find in those areas. Please help!

EDIT: ns finally discovered it! turn left (North West) at the T intersection, and also there is a vent up high in the first room. Shoot the out, crawl under the vent, cube point is right there.

Picture and also Location that the vent.

Picture and Location of the cube.

Wow, an excellent find! i am including it to the perform now. Seriously good work ~ above this one, that's really well hidden.

I have one coded : "...()Descent.Cavern.Warsat" that does not open either the the cubes listed under "Olympus Descent". I am right now looking for any lacking ones in Olympus Descent and will update if I discover one.

Solved: ns didn't realize the last cube in the list over is located right alongside the "PAVONIS - 45 Cache". That is the one i had.

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I witnessed that one top top a different map, need to verify the place then will include to my list. Thanks for the info


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