Below is a list ofFrequently inquiry Questions. If friend still cannot discover what you’re spring for, feel totally free to contact us for much more information: (800)-356-9796.

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Frequently request Questions

If my aircraft is late, and also I miss out on my shuttle, carry out I lose my ticket?

No. If you miss the shuttle because of flight connections, call the office immediately and also let castle know. They will schedule you on the next available shuttle with no additional charge.Due come airport security and regulations, as well as the various other traveling passengers, we cannot wait much longer than 5 minutes previous our scheduled departure times. As shortly as your flight lands, speak to the office or go directly to the shuttle to let the driver understand you space there. If we understand you space at the airport, the driver will wait up to 5 minutes. If you room not prepared to go at that time, contact the office, and also they will schedule girlfriend on the next accessible shuttle.

What happens if mine plans adjust and i can’t walk on the spaceship I was reserved to ride?

As lengthy as you speak to the office at least one day prior to your scheduled departure, you have the right to reschedule to one more date and/or time. If you don’t understand when you will have the ability to travel, us will note the reservation as a credit in your file. These reservations will it is in valid for 6 months from the original day of purchase. If the preventive is rescheduled a 2nd time, there will certainly be a processing fee.

Do girlfriend cancel a schedule if girlfriend don’t have sufficient passengers?

No. We execute not release schedules once there is a reservation. However, us reserve the appropriate to publication a schedule 48 hours ahead if there space no bookings on that details shuttle.

How much luggage to be I enabled to take?

We allow the same as the airlines: 2 suitcases and a bring on. If you will certainly have more luggage, odd or extra large size luggage (including skis/snowboards), please contact the office for distinct handling. (Additional fees might be charged.)

I see that babies are free. What is the cutoff age?

Infants 24 months and younger room free. Children 25 months through 12 years room eligible because that the child price with a paid adult fare.

I would prefer to send my minor child on the spaceship alone. Do you allow that?

Yes. Please suggest in the notes the age of the minor child. We also need valid call information in situation nobody reflects up at the destination to meet the minor child.

I have actually an infant that needs a vehicle seat. Do you carry out any or am I compelled to lug my own?

Due to insurance requirements, we no longer are maybe to administer any type of automobile or booster seats. Girlfriend must administer your own.

What room the office hours?

Our office is open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. We space closed only on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Can i pay the driver or execute I need to prepay?

Seats are not guaranteed until complete payment has been made, however, if there is an empty seat at the departure time, you may pay the driver complete fare for that seat.

Do I need a ticket? over there is no time because that you to mail me one.

No, us use electronic ticketing. The driver will have actually a manifest v the surname of all passengers. Examine with the driver – if there is a problem, the driver will call the office. That is advantageous to publish out the check that will certainly be emailed come you after friend make her reservation and bring that v you because that boarding.

What is the plan on children?

Customers may pick to enable a young (under period 18) come travel with Salt Lake refer unsupervised. However, the complying with is required in the reservation before it’s processed: 1. Surname & phone number of the human being dropping castle off and also picking them up; 2. Cell variety of minor, if applicable.

What is the plan on pets?

Animals should be in a tough carrier and also remain in the carrier at every times if on the shuttle. Carriers space stowed v luggage (Back the van, in trailer, or cargo area on the bus). Over there is secondary $10.00 fee. Business dogs deserve to stay through passengers.


Below is a list of every one of our policies. If friend still cannot discover the info you’re looking for, feel cost-free to contact us for more information: (800)-356-9796.

Child Policy

Customers may pick to enable a boy child, under the age of 18, to travel v the Salt Lake refer unsupervised. All kids traveling there is no an adult will be charged complete adult fare. Salt Lake to express will require the complying with from the parent/guardian; This information must be included on your reservation before it is processed:

The names and phone numbers of the human being dropping the minor off and likewise the person picking castle up.Cell phone variety of minor, if applicable. Cell phones are strongly encourage for kids traveling alone, especially if the child transforms buses or has actually a layover in a connecting city.

In addition, kids traveling top top the shuttle should carry identification reflecting their name, address, house phone number, name and also phone variety of the human being dropping castle off and the name and phone variety of the human being who will be picking them up.

Parents and guardians need to review the details of the pilgrimage with their child prior to travel, consisting of the bus path they will be riding and also the locations where they will certainly be obtaining on/off the bus. That is also suggested that this information is provided to them in writing as there room a variety of routes and connection points which might confuse a tiny child in the excited of traveling.

Persons choose up a child have to coordinate a details location in ~ the destination allude where they will satisfy the child. Youngsters under 13 years old are never ever to be left unattended even if the human being picking them up is in route.

Our motorists are not responsible because that underage children. The boy is responsible for obtaining on and off the shuttle at the ideal time and place. Our vehicle drivers are happy to guide or help if asked but cannot supervise minors throughout the entirety of the trip. We desire to be sure customers are aware of this.

Pet Policy

Pets are enabled to travel with a passenger for second $10 fee. To publication your travel v your pets or include your pet to her existing reservation, please speak to 208-356-9796 and also speak through a customer company representative before your trip. Please read the listed below requirements come be all set for travel with your pet.

Individuals travelling through a pets must carry out a pet carrier. The pet and also carrier combined must sweet under 50lbs.The pet should be clean, well-behaved, quiet, and remain within the transport at every times if in the vehicle.The pets carrier need to be put within the passenger’s single seating area. (ie. Under the chair or in the passenger’s lap). If the size of the pet/carrier will require an additional seat, the passenger might purchase second seat for their pet at the boy fare.Pets cannot take trip by us or with unaccompanied minors.Salt Lake to express reserves the appropriate to refuse acceptance of any pet and also may remove any type of pet exhibiting actions that violates our policy.

Salt Lake refer reserves the best to change and/or change the schedule of a passenger(s) travelling v a pet in the occasion that any kind of other passenger and/or driver has allergic symptoms that can impair their health or comfort throughout travel.

Wheelchair Access

Salt Lake refer will carry out wheelchair easily accessible vehicles on any of their scheduled routes. The rates for an available vehicle room the exact same as because that a regular vehicle; there is no extra fee for an accessible vehicle. In order to secure an easily accessible vehicle because that a trip, customers must complete the complying with procedures:

Complete a reservation for preferred schedules either virtual or v a representative end the phone.Salt Lake Express will send one emailed receipt in ~ 24 hrs of receiving the obtainable VEHICLE REQUEST kind in order to check that an available vehicle will be listed for the asked for route.Only one type must be filled out for round trips.

Front Seat

The front passenger seat might be reserved for a $5 fee every leg of her trip. Please speak to 208-356-9796 as soon as booking or to add the scheduled front passenger seat to an present reservation. All other seating is obtainable on a very first come very first served basis.

Please keep in mind that our larger vehicles execute not have a front passenger chair available. If the is the case, please speak to 208-356-9796 throughout your trip, and we will certainly refund the $5 fee.

Shipping Packages

Salt Lake to express will move packages from any of our continual stops to another regular stop location. To inspect for a stop near you or to publication a package shipment, please contact 208-356-9796.

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Rules because that shipping packages v Salt Lake ExpressPackages are charged as 40% of the regular passenger ticket price and are topic to readjust based on demand and availability.Each package need to weigh less than 50lbs. No Exceptions.Each separation, personal, instance item will certainly be charged together a different package.Bulky or overlapping items will be topic to second $10 fee and require 24 hrs notice.The driver will certainly not wait for late packages under any kind of circumstances.The individual picking up the package must be in ~ the pick up location when the bus arrives. Packages cannot be left unattended at any location and also will it is in sent back to one of our offices. The recipient will certainly be responsible for making arrangements to resend the package.All continual terms and conditions apply, including yet not minimal to the following:Salt Lake express shall no be responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced freight. Shipment is not guaranteed for any type of freight item sent. Insurance allowance is not available for freight. Customers room responsible to have freight plainly marked with a name and also phone number. Salt Lake express reserves the right to open and/or inspect any type of item sent as freight. Proof of identification might be required for relax of package.

Cash Reservations

Passengers are expected to pay their fares upon boarding the vehicle. Vehicle drivers will accept cash because that fares. Checks will certainly NOT be embraced by drivers. Passengers are NOT allowed to journey the bus without paying his/her fare every way.