Taste test: We"ve lengthy been pan of the delicious waffle-cut fries in ~ Chick-fil-A, so as connoisseurs the potato chips (having reviewed much more than 1700 kinds), us were excited that Chick-fil-A was offering potato chips a try. The idea appeared to it is in to winter the signature reduced of Chick-fil-A"s fries, however the chips to be actually fairly a little bit thinner 보다 the fries and also had much narrower, shallower ripples. (The chips from Alexia look much much more like Chick-fil-A"s fries than Chick-fil-A"s very own chips do!)

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We"ve consumed some similarly cut potato chips native Cape Cod and Herr"s. These to be somewhat choose those various other brands, yet the chips were generally smaller and also less curvy. Also, the ripple cuts on opposite sides didn"t overlap as much as the other brands, so under chips had a net of feet from the intersecting ripple troughs (though the grid might easily be seen as soon as holding a chip up to the light). We crunched in to uncover a solid crunch and a irradiate potato taste initially, with more potato flavor arriving on succeeding chips together the salt developed up. Quite good, but not any sort the standout amongst all potato chips, nor all over near as one-of-a-kind as the Chick-fil-A fries!

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Smell test: fairly typical kettle chips smell, OK.

From the package: “gluten free”

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Company: Chick-fil-A

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Chick-fil-A. Review released November 2018.

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