The location of this video clip translates to “2 hours of nothing” and, uh, yep! That’s precisely what that is. News outlet Malay Mail has a bit more context ~ above what precisely the transaction is here. The man in the video is a 21 year old indigenous Malaysia named Muhammad Didit. The video was reportedly just supposed to be a joke and also he go not mean it to end up becoming his most famous video. “I ate first, checked out the bathroom, and gave a try,” he said. “It turned out well so I determined to do it two hours long.”

Makes sense to me! Didit’s channel is generally just him doing weird food mashups. It seems prefer the virality on this video clip was a weird on facebook quirk. According to CrowdTangle, that been mutual like 3,000 time on the platform since it was an initial uploaded in July. Ns was curious if the optimal comments on the video could give us any kind of clue regarding why this video clip has been so popular, however they weren’t an extremely helpful.

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August 17th 2020

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Alright, let’s check out what the internet’s greatest legal mental have got to say around this one. This is a attach to the post. The initial poster explains their predicament thusly:

Whether it’s actual or no in her opinion, please put it aside. I have a reasonably successful YouTube channel that revolves roughly ghost crate sessions. I contact deceased celebrities and also random spirits. When contacting celebrities, world have threatened to sue me prior to claiming come be family members of those individuals I to be contacting. If I try to contact a certain spirit and also that person’s household is offended through it, could they sue me because that attempting to make contact with this people spirit?

I really prefer the phrase “fairly successful YouTube channel the revolves roughly ghost crate sessions.” Also, reportedly a “ghost box” is some kind of damaged radio you can use to talk to dead people.

Sadly, the comments have actually been locked, yet the general consensus is: Anyone deserve to technically sue anyone and also if you space going to shot and call the heart of a dead human via YouTube, your family can probably sue you end likeness rights. Great to know!

Spencer’s gifts Was founded In 1947

lol alright, therefore this isn’t yes, really an “internet thing” but I review this the other day (on the internet) and also it go out my mind. Spencer’s presents — the store at the mall that sells rings t-shirts, bongs, dildos, and raver gas masks — is 73 years old???

I found this hilarious reality thanks come Tumblr user weaver-z’s current post about how warm Topic was founded in 1988. Wow TIL ns younger than warm Topic, apparently.

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Here’s A good Parasite Review


There’s likewise a really good Tumblr audio write-up of the text exchange floating around somewhere, but I can’t discover it. Probably an intrepid garbage Day reader can uncover it because that me. The reality this meme happened in 2017 actually feels wrong to me. The feels really much like it belong to that weird moment in 2013 when everyone began imaging Obama together an anime character:


Although, follow to Kotaku, the Obama anime thing was still going strong in 2015. Either way, 2017 still feels means too so late to me. Oh well, happy date of birth to “Then Perish”! it’s a totally meaningless item of internet content that is currently taking up space in a component of my mind where I must be storing information I can use to build a actual personality.