It's through a hefty heart that i announce the end of The team and an innovation will it is in joining ConsenSys to develop identity services on Ethereum.

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In 2016, was established on a moonshot mission to produce a blockchain-based media platform for trusted journalism owned and also operated by the public. We collection out to decentralize just how the news is vetted, exactly how journalism is funded, and how we stay informed as a society. We were among the very first startups in the human being to experiment v blockchain and also cryptocurrencies in the media space. We developed innovative technology, sustained award-winning journalists, and also inspired many people all over the people with our vision because that a an ext participatory media landscape. But ultimately, we failed to sustain oneself independently.

Several months ago, we started to develop products regarded decentralized identity in the media and advertising space, which attractive enterprise attention for use instances such as trackable content licensing and transparent ad decisioning. This pivot caused closer coordination v ConsenSys and the team building solutions because that identity and also provenance tracking, which consequently started conversations around a strategy merger. We room excited come share that the polite team and technology will join ConsenSys to it is in a part of this efforts. Back the trip for is over, our new team continues to build cutting-edge technology that I believe will add to building a far better internet. This isn't the result we had envisioned, but nevertheless, we're proud the what us accomplished. We couldn’t have done it there is no the support of our passionate community.

Newsrooms on have always operated independently, and therefore will stay unaffected. The polite Registry, polite tokens, and also other work are open-source and operational, however there will certainly be no further active development or management on our part. The Foundation's future is uncertain, but it is effectively in hibernation because that now. will always hold a special ar in mine heart. Our grand experiment did not accomplish its mission, yet we did success in bringing many world together about something radically different and in business of something deep important. Ours mission because that journalism is more important currently than ever. I'm grateful for our possibility to make a difference.

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Thank girlfriend so much to all of our teammates, partners, newsrooms, and supporters. Girlfriend made the journey unforgettable.