I have been make the efforts to short article a test order to an API and have been getting the “Could no get any response” message. I have actually tried the solutions presented right here to view if I might work roughly it yet have had no luck. The console log in is return an error the the “Client network socket disconnected prior to secure TLS connection was established” i’m curious around where I have the right to look to settle that issue? Not certain if the is a discoverhotmail.com issue or a device issue in regards come accessibility?

discoverhotmail.com variation 7.11Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6

odanylewycz 14 November 2019 05:18 #2


Welcome to the discoverhotmail.com!


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odanylewycz 19 November 2019 01:19 #4


Thanks for the detail. Also when see this, the does seem daunting to troubleshoot what the concern is also with what you’ve presented.

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I can’t think the what the problem could be v what you have actually provided. The following step that I would do, or asking is to administer a pcap record of once you shot to send the api inquiry via the proxy. This network log need to provide an ext detail ~ above the error gift encountered.

From the error, i am inclined to think that for some reason, your maker cannot complete a TLS handshake with the server, and also might have to do v the cipher suite accessible on her computer. Utilizing wireshark to obtain a pcap should assist to clear that up.

Hope that helps.

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Pawelkolat 24 February 2021 09:23 #5

We are having the same problem how did you settle it?

javalenja 19 may 2021 15:34 #6

spencer.dicaire. Shot removing the “s” in https.

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