by anne Griffin Perry RN, MSN, EdD, FAAN, Patricia A. Potter RN, PhD, FAAN, Wendy Ostendorf RN, MS, EdD, CNEAnne Griffin Perry RN
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Get the best skills guidance on the market with Clinical Nursing skills & Techniques, 9th Edition. Known because that its clear and comprehensive coverage of over 200 basic, intermediate and progressed skills, this commonly respected, bestselling text features almost 1,000 full-color photographs and also drawings, a nursing process framework, step-by-step instructions through rationales, and also a focus on crucial thinking and also evidence-based practice. This edition also includes brand-new coverage the patient-centered care and safety guidelines, an amplified emphasis ~ above QSEN main point competencies, and also an expanded clinical focus with committed Clinical Debriefs, Teach-Back, and sample documentation throughout. Composed by the extremely respected author team of ann Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, and also Wendy Ostendorf, this text supplies all the guidance and also tools you need to perform nursing skills with finish confidence! Comprehensive coverage includes 211 basic, intermediate, and advanced nursing skills.Coverage that QSEN core competencies incorporates the areas of delegation and collaboration; reporting and also recording; safety and security guidelines; and teaching, pediatric, geriatric, and home treatment considerations into lessons.UNIQUE! Using proof in Nursing practice chapter covers the entire process of conducting research, including collecting, evaluating, and also applying evidence from published research.Expert team the authors and contributors include several of the most respected people in the parenting field.UNIQUE! unexpected Outcomes and also Related Interventions sections highlight what could go wrong and also how to accordingly intervene. Framework top top the five-step nursing procedure gives context for specific an abilities and their role within overall customer care. Streamlined procedural guidelines layout makes it basic learn and review simple nursing skills.Clinical Decision Points within skills address an essential safety problems or possible skill changes for specific patient needs.Rationales for each skill step incorporate the latest research findings and also explain why measures are performed in a certain way, including their clinical significance and also benefit. Video clip symbols indicate video clip clips the are connected to skills and steps in the book and also related lessons in Nursing skills Online.Online checklists and video clip clips may be downloaded to cell phone devices.NEW! Clinical Debriefs space case-based review questions at the end of each chapter that focus on issues such as managing conflict, treatment prioritization, patience safety, and also decision-making.NEW! systematized theory content in every chapter attributes a quick, easy-to-read bullet style to aid reduce repetition and emphasize the clinical focus of the book.NEW! Sample documentation for every skill often includes notes by exemption in the SBAR format.NEW! SI units and using generic medicine names are supplied throughout the text to ensure contents is suitable for Canadian registered nurses as well.

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Anne Griffin Perry, RN, MSN, EdD, FAAN is a Professor Emerita, school of Nursing, southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois.Patricia A. Potter, RN, MSN, PhD, FAAN is a manager of Research, Patient care Services Barnes-Jewish Hospital St. Louis, Missouri.Wendy Ostendorf, RN, MS, EdD, CNE

Table of Contents

Unit: sustaining the Patient through the Health care System 1 Using evidence in exercise 2 Admitting, Transfer, and Discharge 3 Communication and Collaboration 4 Documentation and also Informatics

Unit II: vital Signs and Physical evaluate 5 Vital indicators 6 Health Assessment

Unit III: Special actions 7 Specimen collection 8 Diagnostic Procedures

Unit IV: Infection manage 9 Medical Asepsis 10 Sterile Technique

Unit V: activity and Mobility 11 Safe patient Handling, Transfer and Positioning 12 Exercise and also Mobility 13 Support Surfaces and Special Beds

Unit VI: Safety and Comfort 14 Patient safety and security 15 Disaster Preparedness 16 Pain administration 17 Palliative Care

Unit VII: hygiene 18 Personal Hygiene and Bed Making  19 Care that the Eye and also Ear

Unit VIII: drugs 20 Safe medication Preparation 21 Administration of Nonparenteral drugs 22 Administration the Parenteral Medications

Unit IX: Oxygenation 23 Oxygen treatment 24 Performing Chest Physiotherapy 25 Airway monitoring 26 Cardiac Care (NEW CHAPTER) 27 Closed Chest Drainage solution 28 Emergency steps for Life Support

Unit X: fluid Balance 29 Intravenous and also Vascular access Therapy 30 Blood Therapy

Unit XI:  Nutrition 31 Oral Nutrition 32 Enteral Nutrition 33 Parenteral Nutrition

Unit XII: removed 34 Urinary elimination 35 Bowel Elimination and also Gastric Intubation 36 Ostomy Care

Unit XIII: care of the Surgical patient 37 Preoperative and also Postoperative care 38 Intraoperative Care

Unit XIV: Dressings and also Wound care 39 Impaired Skin truth Prevention and Care 40 Wound Care and also Irrigations 41 Dressings, Bandages, and also Binders 42 Warm and also Cold Therapy

Unit XV: Home care 43 Home care Safety 44 Home treatment Teaching

Editorial Reviews

Reviewer: Melissa Banks-Sockriter, MSN (Delaware technological & ar College)Description: This book thoroughly covers the numerous clinical skills and methods that are taught in ~ the straightforward nursing level. This edition has over 200 new photos, procedural guidelines, information around using evidence in education practice, assessment, and also managing parenteral nutrition, to list just a few topics. End-of-chapter testimonial questions enhance learning.Purpose: over 200 basic, intermediate, and progressed nursing an abilities and steps are outlined, finish with guidelines, rationales, teaching considerations, and a glossary. The book works nicely v the various other Potter and also Perry textbooks because that nursing students. Every chapter has clear and also concise objectives.Audience: it is intended for nursing college student in straightforward or intermediary courses. It is perfect for use in beginning courses, and can be offered as a resource for an ext advanced courses.

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Features: The publication covers a wide selection of an abilities and approaches that nursing students must learn in a basic or intermediate course. They variety from simple to complex, from reporting and also recording to crucial signs and also physical assessment, oxygenation, and medications. Some necessary features enhance comprehension: a perform of an essential terms and also objectives in ~ the beginning of every chapter, an important thinking practice at the end, and also inclusion the evidence-based practice trends that provide an overview of current research findings and their effects for high quality nursing practice. Where applicable, the book additionally includes information on culturally varied clients. Color illustrations, a complete glossary, and also detailed ability reviews are noteworthy features. Assessment: This is a good resource for to teach nursing student the necessary an abilities for their profession. In nursing, skills are continuing to adjust and advance, yet this version is up to date with education practice. There is nothing in this publication that is obsolete or unnecessary.