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Notto Disu Shitto Agen is a reaction picture from the anime Code Geass R2 in i beg your pardon a screencap the the Emperor of Britannia has actually been photoshopped such the the subtitles the the scene check out "Notto Disu Shitto Agen," a negative Japanese-like means of saying "Not this shit again."


The screencap originates from episode 20 that the anime Code Geass R2: Lelouch of the Rebellion, "Emperor Dismissed."<1> In the episode, the personality Lelouch addresses his father, busy imploring gods because that assistance, that the gods will not assist him. This step is where the screencap originates from (fan translate in of the screencap displayed below).



Shortly ~ the illustration aired, top top September 6th, 2008, an edit with the text readjusted to "Notto disu shitto agen" appeared on Crunchyroll forums,<2> post by Autumn13 (shown below).


The photo saw increasing use as a reaction picture over the complying with decade. 2 variations are contained in Encyclopedia Dramatica"s gallery because that "shit no one cares about."<3> Photobucket user beliluvsmomiji<5> uploaded a variation commenting on bad fan subs of anime (shown below).


The phrase has been contained in the show"s TV Tropes page.<6> one inquiry about the image"s beginnings was posted to /r/OutOfTheLoop<4> on respectable 30th, 2017. Additionally, there have actually been some variations created with miscellaneous other characters from various series, though none have actually been as famous as the original.

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External References

<1> Anime Subhd – code Geass Lelouch the The Rebellion

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