The recent poster is precisely correct. This is a district that embraces athletics and also does not support education. The expectations and also standards are far listed below other districts start in Kindergarten. (ex. Sachem required twice as many sight words for Kindergarten student to recognize by the finish of the year than our district). My 3rd grader to be told that can't take out 4th grade level publications even though he deserve to read them since they have to be scheduled for the 4th graders. There to be no advocacy or alternative solutions discover to accomplish the requirements of my "gifted" boy on any kind of level. The an individual experience has been negative. When I increased my hand in ~ a conference to questioning a question (sat in front row in plain sight), that did not care to take my question, no one did that respond to my written inquiry that ns submitted. The is a "rock star" as people say because that the "struggling children." What about the youngsters that space on the opposite end of the spectrum? some of the teachers here should it is in fired because that their lack of professionalism. They collect a paycheck, execute the minimum, and also call the a day. A true shame. Happy to have actually moved up and also onward.

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If your son is one athlete is interested in sporting activities then Comsewogue is wonderful. If friend want much more academic or other extra curricular avenues then perform not come here. There is likewise an problem with kids being bullied and also very tiny being done around it. The superintendent, Dr. Rella, is wonderful though. Very caring and interested in the students and also their families.
Any institution in a district through Superintendent Joe Rella is a blessed school. 2 youngsters graduated native Comsewogue and thrived! many extracurricular clubs, sports, activities to save the kids involved and also interested.
This school won the Siemens, Intel competition, i beg your pardon by the means is national. This school has been undefeated in soccer for numerous seasons. This college is far less "warlike" 보다 Longwood, trust me, previous student (4th - 9th). This school got an compensation from DC commending our anti-bullying environment, just a select few over the country received this award. This school has an amazing AP program where the teacher not just "diagnose but treat" students' problems in locations such together writing, speed, strategy, depth, and much more. The only reason the this college seems to be ranked reduced in test scores... Let's challenge it, is since of the ethnicity. Ward Melville, i m sorry is ranked greater is so great only since it is near Stony Brook university where 60% + the the students are of some asian descent... Since they have actually received high check scores for that school it has produced a skew of results that provides Ward Mel. Seem as if castle have better teachers/ administration/ programs. This school has actually pretty much pulled me the end of an abyss. Last year ns was to the point of crying as soon as I obtained my AP World history essay test scores ago (class tests not AP) in Longwood..Like i said, 'diagnose and also treat.'

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This college is terrific. For one, AP World. Mine son offered to go to Longwood wherein the AP people course is separation into two years, in CHS lock compress it into one year. Critical year he ended up being upset because of the bad marks he was receiving native his CCOT and C/C essays which averaged to it is in 67% for his last marks, the Longwood teacher managed somehow to gain him to gain a final grade the 90 in the course for the as whole GPA. The CHS teacher actually sat down through my kid, at an early stage in the school year (Oct.) aided him v his AP essay writings, allowing him to rewrite and also encouraged him, contrast to the critical years teacher that basically piled his college student up with essays in course with little experience of creating them in the critical month that school. Critical year my boy basically wanted to fall APWH and take worldwide and actually looked forward to moving. He additionally admitted that in the first week of the year there had currently been 3 fights between kids in the cafe, several of the others had actually been bloody gruesome fights. In CHS, he has yet to view one and also it's practically February. The principals are also great, they store in touch with the community by texting students who subscribe and updating parental frequently