Port Townsend Ferry connecting come Coupeville WA on Whidbey Island. Plus, this page lists various Washington State ferry routes and also schedules convenient to travelers from harbor Townsend WA.

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Port Townsend ferry pull close the Coupeville ferry dock on Whidbey Island in WA

Port Townsend Ferry to Coupeville top top Whidbey Island

Port Townsend Ferry Terminal Address:1301 Water Street, port Townsend, WA 98368

Washington State Ferries – main Page

Getting There: together you drive into Port Townsend on WA State path 20, the roadway becomes Water Street. You"ll uncover the terminal on the appropriate hand side of the road. Signs overview you plainly to the salary booths.

Current Fares, Schedule, reservations for harbor Townsend Ferry

Port Townsend is the terminus for the harbor Townsend-Coupeville ferry path connecting come Coupeville ~ above Whidbey Island. This path is regulated by the Washington State Ferries. 

Click below to inspect current fares (fares vary through the 4 seasons)

Click here for the Pt Townsend - Coupeville Ferry Schedule

Make a Washington State Ferry Reservation

This is the quickest and easiest method to travel north from port Townsend.

From Coupeville, one have the right to travel north on Whidbey Island, throughout the scenic Deception happen Bridge towards Anacortes WA, and also then east onto the mainland there is no the require for one more ferry.

Or, take the turnoff to Anacortes and catch a ferry to the san Juan Islands. Indigenous Friday Harbor, ferries run to both Sidney and Victoria in BC, Canada.

Port Townsend Ferry headed to Coupeville, with the Cascades in the distance.

Other Washington State Ferries for port Townsend Area Travelers

The WA State Ferry mechanism is reasonably extensive in order to negotiate the water body of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Salish Sea, and the Puget Sound.

You can certainly travel east to Seattle by vehicle from either port Townsend or port Angeles if you nothing mind traveling south, cross the Tacoma Narrows leg (toll), and also then phibìc to Seattle. This is cheaper 보다 paying the ferry toll, but it is additionally a pain because that both your backside and also the time in your vacation schedule.

Instead, drive by car to Bainbridge Island or to Bremerton, and also catch ferries come Seattle or points east from either of this towns. They both dock in ~ the downtown Seattle terminal.

Another ferry to use if your location is east and also north is the Kingston to Edmonds ferry.

NOTE: Foot passengers traveling from the Olympic Peninsula come Seattle travel for free; toy fee is compelled for the return trip. Engine vehicles salary both ways.

On the Coupeville ferry returning to harbor Townsend WA. ~ above a clear day the see of the Olympic Mountain selection are glorious.

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