It’s only taken three months’ worth of episodes, however Cowboy Bebop finally has a two-parter, which it just does as soon as even more after this. True to form, both of these two-parters are around Spike Spiegel’s past, and specifically the history that brought about him to leave the Red Dragon crime syndicate and also come to be a bounty hunter, and his blood feud via his previous friend Vicious.

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This episode, “Jupiter Jazz component 1,” has actually a little bit in the method of action, however it’s largely setting things up and relocating the plot forward, which is pretty superior. We still don’t gain all the answers, which we won’t for awhile, but the mystery gets intensified, brand-new mysteries are developed, and the show gets all Crying Game on our asses.

Bebop finds a way to be melancholic a fair amount without coming to be maudlin, which is a really thin line to walk. Namong our characters are particularly suited to being together yet, but they likewise can’t really stand also to be on their own, even if Spike maintains he might easily. This is just one of the few episodes wbelow it feels like it’s a serial drama and also not an adventure-of-the-week, which functions surprisingly well. If someone just watched the initially few episodes, they can not have actually any type of concept that this present might be so dark, or so human, or so weird.

Vicious appears in the opening, at a meeting via the elders of the Red Dragon Syndicate, three little bit males known collectively as The Van. He has actually acquired a delivery of Red Eye from the Moon and wants permission to deal it on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. The Van tell Vicious that he demands to take Lin, a loyal enforcer in the company, and also need to the upbegin obtain any kind of concepts around superseding his authority, favor he did by killing Mao Yenrai in “Ballad of Fallen Angels,” that Lin would need to put Vicious down.

On the Bebop, Faye has actually decided to hightail it; she’s taken all the money in the safe, and also all the coolant in the ship, and also skedaddled. Jet is really upset by this, however Spike virtually doesn’t care, or at leastern outwardly claims not to. Edward searcs the net for any indicators of Faye and rather finds somepoint from Callisto called Codename Julia. This instantly provides Spike have sepia-toned flashbacks of the womale we saw in his visions after being swarm by Vicious the last time. Spike automatically decides to go investigate, even though Jet pleads through him to forgain it, that Julia’s an extremely common name and it couldn’t probably be the woman he thinks. Jet says if Spike leaves, he won’t have actually a place to come back to, to which Spike just replies that their partnership was based upon convenience anymeans, deeply hurting Jet’s feelings.

Faye is on Callisto at a jazz club referred to as the Blue Crow and also gets drunk while having the sniffles (Callisto is a frigid moon, and also Faye’s not well-known for wearing much). She lis10s to a sax player called Gren, that, it’s safe to say, is an extremely pretty-looking man. Or, at least Faye thinks so. Following his set, he comes over to talk to her and she assumes he’s hitting on her, but he assures that he’s not interested in women, however everybody else in the bar is; this tvery own has no womales. Spike is in other places in the tvery own acquiring intel about Julia and ends up finding a transvestite named Julius, that suggests the bounty hunter go discover Gren; Gren hangs out through womales a lot.

While asking about for Gren, Spike is followed by a gang of thugs that reveal they believe him to be Vicious, because Vicious and Gren are recognized associates. This royally peeves off Spike that proceeds to beat the ever-loving snot out of every one of them and gets the leader to tell him Gren is Vicious’ call for the Red Eye sale. Elsewbelow, Jet goes into a bar in search of Faye and also can’t find her, yet Big Shot is on the TV and also he sees a brand-new bountyhead posting for Gren. He nearly calls Spike but stops himself. Gren, meanwhile, saves Faye from the same gang Spike combated and takes her to his area where he claims she deserve to stay. He goes to take a shower when his phone rings. When the machine picks up, Faye is terrified to hear Vicious’ voice on the various other end. She takes her gun and also surprises Gren in the shower, only to see that he has actually more, umm… components than she expected…


Spike finds wbelow Vicious is and walks out right into a snowy area for a confrontation. He pulls his gun while Vicious pulls his katana. Spike numbers out that Vicious provided the name “Julia” as a codename for the deal, and also that she wasn’t tright here at all, yet Vicious states that Julia WAS tright here, and also exceptionally newly. Lin, a previous frifinish and also underling of Spike’s, measures in between the 2 men and also pulls his gun on Spike, saying his loyalty to the Red Dragon is more powerful than his former loyalty to Spike. The episode ends via the sound of a gunshot and also Spike laying in the area while Vicious and Lin make their getamethod.

Divine crap, man! What a crazy cliffhanger. So Gren is somehow connected through Vicious however is a hermaphrodite; Jet, Faye, and Spike are all in the exact same town and don’t realize it; Vicious knows wright here Julia is; and Spike has actually been, supposedly, eliminated by Lin. He wasn’t, of course, but that’s not what we know yet. How have the right to Spike gain out of this?!?

“Jupiter Jazz component 1” is one of the more ambiguous episodes in the present, and that’s perfect. Nothing must be resolved; they tell us ideal away it’s a component 1, so why would they answer any type of inquiries outright? We don’t also, at this allude, understand the complete extent of Julia’s relationship via Spike and Vicious. The snowy landscape of Callisto gives a really different vibe to the episode, likewise. If you’ll recontact, it rained a lot in “Balled of Fallen Angels,” and also currently it’s snowy; every time Vicious reflects up, the weather gets bleak.

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I imagine we’ll get a large puzzle piece next week, yet as of currently, the audience more than likely has actually no clue what to suppose.

Not a lot else to plug; “Jupiter Jazz part 2” is next week, Void Cowhuman being. Thanks for reading!