In my current game, ns am Emperor of Alba (Brittania), France and Hispania. The king the Italy is mine vassal.

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If I discovered the HRE, the video game says i will shed (the titles, not the lands) that the realms of Alba, Francia and Hispania and will have instead the HRE. For this reason I'm thinking hell no, I'm not losing three empire titles for one! much less prestige right ? ns don't really acquire it, seems weird come me.

Am I lacking something here?


Yes, because having one unified empire is constantly and without exception far better than having actually two or 3 in her case. The call you gain from having those extra empires is negligible at ideal anf reputation is basically worthless as soon as you're feudal anyways.

Your king vassals covet her non-primary emperor titles though. So if you type the HRE then her vassal majesties will prefer you much more becuase the shed the wants realm of XY malus. Otherwise no genuine reason various other than the you can.

Yes friend will gain less prestige, but regardless of whether you have 1 realm title or 20, obtaining to 2000 reputation (the only milestone the matters, as 2000 is wherein the opinion bonus maxes out) is super easy, and also unless you room going for accomplishments or some kind of highscore run, prestige over 2000 is near worthless.

The benefits from having only one location to worry around crown regulation and sequence and because that not having vassal queens desire your title much outweigh any kind of detriment from losing prestige.

IIRC, the will carry the de jure soil of your main empire/kingdom location to the HRE. Don't quote me top top that, though.

Don't quote me on that

"it will deliver the de jure floor of your main empire/kingdom title to the HRE" - klarken1

Did part experimenting. It will transfer any kind of kingdom title you hold fully (vassals don't seem come count). I owned 100% that Jerusalem and also the kingdom title personally and it came to be de jure component of the HRE. Ns reloaded, created a custom Empire, gave the Kingdom the Jersualem away to a vassal, and also this time the HRE decision did not make Jersusalem de jure part of the HRE - however did transport my various other lands. Probably due to the fact that it was in manage of 'another empire' (it didn't get included de jure to my custom empire though head_scratch.gif).

EDIT: Reloaded -> created custom realm -> offered away Jerusalem to vassal -> killed King that Jerusalem come inherit kingdom back -> created HRE -> it came to be de jure HRE. Therefore basically, it's shown that girlfriend personally need to host the kingdom title.

Interestingly, the ERE held the duchy that Sardinia, yet it still became de jure HRE - so i didn't must own Italy 100% because that it to come to be de jure part of my empire. So long as the realm doesn't exist, the kingdoms will deliver fully.

I likewise owned 100% of Bavaria and it didn't get added because the title did not exist (and hence wasn't hosted by me despite having 100% of its lands). Reloaded, created Bavaria, it became de jure HRE.

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Works a little bit weird... But de jure instrument have constantly been a little wonky. And also it's obtaining too confusing because that me come keep experimentation (plus reloading seems to take it forever).