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Latest problems -Metric Units
70°F21°CFeels like 70°F 21.1°CHumidity 93%Wind patience
Dew point 68°FCeiling N/A
Solar Rad 0 w/m2
Barometer 30.11 in. 764.8 mm -
Report from 1.1 mile NNW of main Silver spring at 12:16 to be Sat, Sep 18, 2021

SatSep 1886°F
SunSep 1983°F
MonSep 2080°F
TueSep 2179°F
Forecast Details
Day: partially cloudy. Highs around 86°F. Phibìc northwest wind to 7 MPH.
Night: largely clear. Lows approximately 66°F. Phibìc northwest wind come 7 MPH.
Sunday Sep 19
Day: mainly sunny. Highs about 83°F. North wind come 7 MPH.
Night: greatly clear. Lows roughly 64°F. North northeast wind to 5 MPH.
Monday Sep 20
Day: partially cloudy. Highs approximately 80°F. Eastern wind come 9 MPH.
Night: partly cloudy. Lows about 63°F. Eastern southeast wind to 6 MPH.
Tuesday Sep 21
Day: partly cloudy v isolated showers. Highs roughly 79°F. East southeast wind to 7 MPH.
Night: partly cloudy. Lows roughly 65°F. South east wind come 6 MPH.
Wednesday Sep 22
Day: partly cloudy through scattered showers. Highs about 79°F. South southeast wind to 9 MPH, gusting come 16 MPH. Opportunity of precipitation 20 percent.
Night: partially cloudy v scattered showers. Lows roughly 60°F. South wind come 6 MPH, gusting to 13 MPH. Possibility of precipitation 50 percent.
Thursday Sep 23
Day: greatly sunny. Highs roughly 72°F. Northwest wind to 9 MPH, gusting come 16 MPH.
Night: mainly clear. Lows about 51°F. Northwest wind come 6 MPH.
Friday Sep 24
Day: mostly sunny. Highs roughly 69°F. Phibìc northwest wind to 9 MPH, gusting to 14 MPH.

Today"s Tides InformationMore birds info
High TidesLow Tides
3.26 ft. At 6:48 AM2.98 ft. At 7:13 PM0.36 ft. At 1:21 AM0.35 ft. In ~ 1:58 PM
Tide report location: Bladensburg, Md., MD, 6.2 mi. SE of silver Spring

Sun & MoonMonthly
Morning Twilight6:25 AM
Waxing Gibbous
Sunrise6:52 AM
Sunset7:11 PM
Evening Twilight7:38 PM

Contiguous United claims Extremes
Thu"s High Temperature: 109 in ~ Ocotillo Wells Ca
Fri"s low Temperature: 11 in ~ 35 mile West

Weather FolkloreA summer thunderstorm that does not depress the barometer will be an extremely local and of small consequence.
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