COVID-19 Vaccines

gain vaccinated for COVID-19 today. Schedule her vaccine front of time so girlfriend can obtain out faster.

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walk discoverhotmail.com in ~ 3485 east Owens Ave, Owens and also Pecos North ras Vegas, NV 89030 test because that coronavirus (COVID-19)?

discoverhotmail.com wellness is conducting laboratory coronavirus experimentation (COVID-19) at 3485 east Owens Ave, Owens and also Pecos North ras Vegas, NV. Patient are forced to schedule an meeting for covid trial and error in advance. Restricted appointments are available to qualifying patients because of high demand. Test species vary by location and will be confirmed throughout the scheduling process. Patient must bring their insurance allowance card and proof the identity*. Please watch our other coronavirus support options for an ext information. Also, find at-home COVID exam for sale online and also in-store.

*Insurance is not compelled at community testing locations.

Flu shots are readily available at the discoverhotmail.com Pharmacy in ~ 3485 east Owens Ave, Owens and also Pecos North ras Vegas, NV 89030. Schedule her flu shot ahead of time so girlfriend can get in and also out faster. Administer your insurance information and also answer questions online front of time. Find an ext flu shoot FAQs and other flu vaccination resources.

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offering extra flexibility, convenience, and safety to all her packaging and shipment needs, our discoverhotmail.com keep is now an energetic UPS accessibility Point. Drop-off and pick up her packages through UPS tracking available, so you have the right to be certain it’s arrived. We’ll host packages for as much as 7 days, so you deserve to pick them up on her schedule. For UPS package drop-offs, we expropriate pre-labeled, prepaid packages because that 5 come 7 job ground and also air delivery. UPS will collect all packages in ~ 24 hours.

Find much more UPS access Point details for packages that may not qualified for shipment from ours location.