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Dad and also the Dog, additionally known as Dad After gaining a Dog, is an image macro series featuring jokes around fathers who room reluctant to obtain a dog for their family but are quick to thrive fond the the animal after obtaining one. Memes based on the joke gained significant spread ~ above Reddit in late July 2019.


On July 29th, Redditor bipolarparadiseyt post a photo of actor and professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with a dog come /r/dankmemes subreddit, captioning it with a joke around dad growing fond of the dog after reluctantly obtaining one because that the family.<1> The post received end 31,400 upvotes within three days.



On July 30th, 2019, Redditor Toby_A270 posted another meme based upon the hoax to /r/memes subreddit, with the short article accumulating end 99,000 upvotes in two days (shown below).<2>


In the adhering to hours, multiple memes based on the hoax were it is registered to /r/memes,<3> /r/dankmemes<4> and also other subreddit, through the format likewise spreading come Twitter<5> and other digital platforms.




<1> Reddit – "you need to feed it and walk it"

<2> Reddit – It’s as much as you

<3> Reddit – "If you desire a dog, you"re taking treatment of it. I"m not!"

<4> Reddit – Mr. Wick is a cool dad

<5> Twitter –
"I"m Not reading That" is the ideal catchphrase come say when someone provides you the exact resource you inquiry for the would damage your explain if you in reality cared to read it.

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