The Dallas Cowboys is a well known American football club started in 1960 and accepted right into the national Football organization of the nationwide Football Conference.

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Meaning and also history


1960 — 1963

The Dallas Cowboys is one of the couple of teams whose logo has actually stayed virtually unchanged since inception. The team uses has actually been making use of a blue five-pointed star as its symbol native the beginning.

1964 — Today

In 1964 the logo design underwent a seemingly young aesthetic modification. Jack Escridge included a white border follow me the star’s contour and also gave that a little more 3D appearance.Because the team lives in Texas – the Lone Star State – the logo bears a state-wide significance and pays tribute to Texa’s past. Countless experts and football pan say that the Dallas Cowboys logo has a incredible unifying power, i beg your pardon they feeling every time they to visit a enhance with the team participation.

Alternative symbols


In enhancement to the star logo, the team likewise used an emblem depicting a polo player. The 1960 variation featured a cowboy carrying a soccer on a horse and was provided in blue and also white. The 1966 symbol had actually a more diverse color palette including light blue, black, red, and also white. The player and his equine did not adjust that much, other than for a pair details and the direction (now castle were dealing with to the right).

Anniversary emblems


To mark the team Anniversary, designers often develop special version of the logo looking more intricate than the continuous ones. Because that instance, the Dallas Cowboys logo that was developed to watch 25th Anniversary included not just a single star, yet three stars, and boasted new visual effects. Rather of just the native “Cowboys”, there were the complete name of the club and also the native “Silver season.”

The 40th Anniversary was significant with an additional logo. The star was decorated with a ribbon. There to be several engravings made in miscellaneous typefaces.




The star shows up on every sorts of features – indigenous helmets and T-shirts come coins. It provides the Dallas Cowboys logo significantly iconic and recognizable.



Blue is the only shade the club uses in that symbols. That symbolizes excellence, power, perseverance, purity, strength, and integrity. No wonder, there is hardly a sporting activities team who does not use this shade in its logo design in a way.

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The wordmark is composed in what shows up to it is in the Cowboys by Sharshock font.

Dallas Cowboys Colors

ROYAL BLUEHEX COLOR: #003594;RGB: (0, 53, 148)CMYK: (100, 64, 0, 42)PANTONE: PMS 661 C

BLUEHEX COLOR: #041E42;RGB: (0, 34, 68)CMYK: (94, 55, 0, 74)PANTONE: PMS 282 C

SILVERHEX COLOR: #869397;RGB: (134, 147, 151)CMYK: (11, 3, 0, 41)PANTONE: PMS 8240 C METALLIC

SILVER-GREENHEX COLOR: #7F9695;RGB: (127, 150, 149)CMYK: (15, 0, 1, 41)PANTONE: PMS 8280 C METALLIC