Perhaps one of Sherlock’s most famed quotes, the title of this blog short article captures the should gather as much data as feasible when reconstructing facts and making logical deductions. Also though your use and also scope have adjusted over time, clinical data have constantly been and also still continue to be the communication on which objective conclusions are drawn, the basis of the scientific technique for knowledge the world.

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This to be the vital message at the 7th study Data Alliance all Meeting which took place in Tokyo, Japan, native the first to the 3rd of march 2016. I had the privilege to join the meeting as one of the winners of the early on Career assistance Program, a an excellent occasion come be introduced to the exciting world of RDA (and come Japan, too, of course!). Ns was automatically hit by the unique audience: students, researchers and policy experts, research data champions, publishers, all acquiring together in a friendly yet highly skilled atmosphere. The level of interdisciplinarity was exceptional as well, through study areas ranging indigenous climate change, over human studies, study integrity, medical investigations, to naval biodiversity, simply to name a few.

To break the ice cream and set the mood for the complying with days, a symposium top top data share took place on the 29th the February, organized by the Japan scientific research and an innovation Agency (JST).

“Why do we should talk about Open Science?”

A beautiful development on “Open science as a practice” was provided by Yuko Harayama, the executive, management Member that the Council because that Science, Technology, and Innovation, government of Japan. Harayama started her presentation with a an extremely simple, yet powerful and provocative question: “Why do we have to talk around Open Science?”. I have myself tried come answer this inquiry for a lengthy time now, and have come to the conclusion that “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they space not.”


Haruki Nakamura, indigenous the academy of Protein Research, Osaka University, gift a new view ~ above the classic Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom pyramid in science, i m sorry I uncover absolutely fascinating. Basically, Wisdom in science have to be check out as Principle: large data and Artificial Intelligence have the right to produce new science, thus new principle. However, some scientists can argue the Newton go not find the rule of gravitation after having actually seen an apple falling indigenous the tree. If we were come collect big data - the majority of apples - this process will still not derive the principle. ~ above the various other hand, if we let the data talk, we might be able to discover things we neither knew nor expected, and to watch relationships and also connections among the elements, whether formerly suspected or not. Does this all typical that large data is walk to mark the end of theory in science? i personally execute not think over there exist a distinct answer to this question (after all, huge data, computational resources and data evaluation all play a an important role in the exploration of the Higgs boson, but the discovery of the Higgs boson was no data-driven).

“Open data: the pressure awakens!”

One that the plenary talks that totally got my attention was “The strength of data - indigenous scientific explorations to societal benefits” by Masaru Kitsuregawa, director of the national Institute of Informatics, college of Tokyo.

I think I had never seen prior to in together a clear means the real, concrete services of open up research data. Kitsuregawa has actually not only presented an effective infrastructure to do data sharing feasible (just think the the Science details Network, SINET, a backbone that covers much more than 800 universities across Japan), but has also highlighted few amazing scientific and also societal results completed thanks to open up data and data sharing. In 2014 Hiroshima awareness in Japan to be struck by a collection of landslides adhering to heavy rain, and also many other an international natural calamities are raising dramatically. The university of Tokyo is connected in the GEOSS initiatives, with a constant monitoring taking place, and also with predictive discharge being feasible with the method of number weather forecast.

Another necessary application to be shown, in the field of healthcare for emerging countries. Grameen town Phone is a unique idea the provides modern-day telecommunication services to underprivileged human being in Bangladesh. These cellphones have an extremely cheap billing rates and are also given on simple loans native Grameen Bank. Once offered a phone, the subscriber is motivated to provide the services to the people in the adjoining area, covering both outgoing and incoming calls. In this way, he or she deserve to earn money to repay his or her debt to the bank as well as to knife a profit. Countless inhabitants that the rural area that Bangladesh, particularly underprivileged women, have been maybe to adjust their lives with the aid of village Phone. This system can become really easily a an approach for health management for nations like Bangladesh.

Kitsuregawa closeup of the door his presentation through a strong message, i m sorry I believe can summarize the whole philosophy of the plenary: “Let united state transform our culture with research study Data!”.

“An RDA newcomer at work”

As an early career europe researcher, ns was provided the chance to take action and carry out some genuine work during the plenary meeting in Tokyo. First of all, i presented my PhD research study with a poster, along with the other at an early stage career effective applicants. The poster, which deserve to be uncovered here, illustrates the need for open up data in the cabinet migration field, and the ecosystem that will certainly be developed to fulfill this need, v the recently kicked-off EU-H2020 MULTIMOT project.


Furthermore, the RDA arranging committee assigned me come the “Health Data” interest team (IG) and to the “Data Citation” working team (WG). The “Health Data” IG provides suitable forum for discussion on the specific issues that arise when using data monitoring and analysis techniques in a medical care setting, an especially (even though not exclusively) concentrating on privacy and also security concerns. During the meeting, several vital points were brought up both from the chairs of the session and also from entrants in the audience. Maybe the aspect that requirements prioritized attention is the advancement of a form of dynamic consent, i beg your pardon is important if we want to maximize the usage of (bio)medical data (something the is not right now happening). For the interested readers, minutes of the meeting can be uncovered here.

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The “Data Citation” WG is instead concentrated on releasing referrals to make dynamic data citable, an aspect extremely critical especially for research study data. The WG has finished its work at the RDA plenary 6 in Paris, so the is now focusing on supplying support for the implementation that the recommendations, ~ above collecting feedback from use-cases and also run v all the class learned during the process. For the interested readers, minute of the meeting deserve to be uncovered here.

I would prefer to finish this short article expressing mine gratitude to RDA Europe because that having provided me the tremendous opportunity of participating come a good Plenary, and I absolutely look forward already to the following one!