Database Systems

introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses

Nenad Jukić, Loyola university Chicago Susan Vrbsky, university of Alabama Svetlozar Nestorov, Loyola university Chicago Abhishek Sharma, Loyola university Chicago

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Database Systems: advent to Databases and Data Warehouses consist of the design and use that both operational and also analytical database solution in detail. A solid theoretical structure and systematic hands-on experiences room provided. This expertise prepares students to use their understanding in today"s service environments.

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Experience logical step-by-step coverageClear and straightforward coverage the topics the successively build on each other.

Solidify expertise with examples, mini cases, and also exercisesNumerous easy-to-understand examples, mini-cases, and hands-on practice cement knowledge of every topic introduced.

Save time through running examplesThe ZAGI Retail firm Sales department Database instance is used to show the main principles for both to work databases and also data warehouses. Usage of a running example allows quick and also straightforward coverage, due to the fact that students are already familiar v the details that the case.

Free softwareAccess ERDPlus, a free, easy-to-use, web-based, data modeling suite design for usage in conjunction through this textbook.

New in version 2.0

Online videosAs an ext classes room being available remotely in these daunting time, the need for digital resources has been increasing. A collection of videos that introduce each chapter are available for the book.

Up-to-date coverageExercises, problems, and also cases studies have actually been updated come assure current relevance.

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New topicsA thing on huge data and data lakes has actually been added. Appendices have actually been updated come cover additional topics including stored procedures, functions, and also blockchain.

Nenad Jukić teaches undergraduate, graduate, and also executive and professional education and learning classes at the Quinlan institution of business of Loyola university of Chicago. His classes cover databases, data warehousing, business intelligence, computer programming, business computer applications, and also health care information systems. Dr. Jukić was named Loyola’s Faculty Member that the Year, Quinlan’s impressive Undergraduate Teacher the the Year and has double been recognized as Quinlan’s peak researcher. His research concentrates on database modeling and also management, data warehousing, service intelligence, data mining, service analytics, huge Data, e-business, and IT strategy.