composed by woman L. Borth­wick, Jean Sibelius, Veikko Antero Koskenniemi Language English exit on

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An adaptation is a music work, i m sorry uses facets (music or lyrics) from another musical work.

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Finlandia Op. 26 written by Jean Sibelius 1900 Finlandia hymn written by Jean Sibelius, Veikko Antero Koskenniemi Finnish 1941
title performer Release date info
i Finlandia Overture The black color Diamonds Band February 1914
i Finlandia (Tone Poem) (Jean Sibelius, O… Conway"s Band 1916
i Finlandia Robert Wolfe 1986
i Finlandia Carol Williams 1986
i Be Still, my Soul Dave and Marlene Colburn May 1, 2005
i Finlandia The Ukulele Orchestra of an excellent Britain 2007
i Finlandia Hymn Niels Lan Doky Trio June 25, 2013
i Finlandia Ilmavoimien huge Band 2017

location demonstrate Release date details
Finlandia hymni Laulu-Miehet 1963
Finlandia Sakari Kuosmanen 1999
Finlandia Jarkko Ahola 2014

location show Release day info
i Finlandia (Op.26) The Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy 1941 Unverified
i Be Still my Soul Steven sharp Nelson October 10, 2006
i Be Still my Soul Kendra Logozar June 18, 2021

title show Release date info
Be Still mine Soul Mahalia Jackson 1968
Be Still my Soul Tennessee Ernie Ford March 22, 1971
Be tho My spirit - What a Friend us Hav… Selah 1998 Medley
Be Still mine Soul Libera 2004
Be Still my Soul Beth Nielsen Chapman with Michael McGoldrick and Donald Shaw 2006
Be Still my Soul Beth Nielsen Chapman September 17, 2007
Be Still mine Soul Katherine Jenkins November 19, 2007
Be Still my Soul Leigh Nash November 15, 2011
Be Still, my Soul David Archuleta August 7, 2012
Be Still, mine Soul Gentri January 2018
Be Still my Soul Saara Aalto November 2019
Be Still, my Soul Kylee Shaffer February 3, 2021


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