Dead and Company proceed their Summer tour 2018 and also head to Indianapolis this evening to pat the old Deer Creek music meet in Noblesville, Indiana (now less-than-aptly named Ruoff residence Mortgage Music Center). The thankful Dead always seemed to do magic at the venue, so it’ll it is in cool to see what the John Mayer lead group will do with things.

The lots room open and the doors will be opened soon. We’ll be adhering to along tonight together the setlist rolfes in…

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Ruoff home Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville IN 6.6.18

Set I: Jam > The other One > Dire Wolf, Feel choose a Stranger, heat Jimmy, Mississippi half Step Uptown Toodle-oo, comes a Time > Viola Lee BluesSet II: assist On the way > Slipknot! > Franklin’s Tower > Lady with a fan > Terrapin terminal > north > an are > The other One > was standing on the Moon > sugar MagnoliaEncore: Casey Jones

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— Shiva ⚡ (
ryankiek) June 6, 2018

Indiana wishlist 6/4: Franklin's Tower, Iko Iko, cram Stones, Wheel, Scarlet/Fire. Not asking also much, right? #WharfRat #Deadandcompany
JakeBadTweets … much longer lines as result of heightened defense to pat these hippies down.

— Vibbs (
thejeffvibbert) June 6, 2018

I’m 97% details John Mayer is attract jorts. #deadandcompany

— Jennifer Nelson (
Jeffs_Garden) June 6, 2018

UPDATE: Mickey has removed his hat. Probably to usage as a percussion device, but I can not state the with any type of surety. Just BILLY'S cap REMAINS.#deadandcompany

— thoughts on the Dead (
ThoughtsOnGD) June 6, 2018

The an initial rule of setlists for #deadandcompany is the there room no rules. Awesome and surprising opener tonight! #CouchTour

— Joe Erjavec (
JoeAce967) June 6, 2018

that #deercreek first set to be as an excellent as that gets. Wow! #deadandcompany #couchtour

— RatDogRedux (

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RatDogRedux) June 7, 2018

That first set to be so good, ns not also sure if I’m ready for the second set y’all, and only doing the #couchtour ideal now. Ns cannot wait ( can not WAIT!) till Chula Vista! #deadandcompany

— Dan'l D (
WanPilgrimm) June 7, 2018

I’ve unable to do to this wise sage twice for advice tonight. #deadandcompany