Denise LaSalle (Ora Denise Allen, July 16, 1939 - January 8, 2018) to be an American blues R&B and soul singer, songwriter, and record producer who, because the fatality of Koko Taylor, has been well-known as the "Queen of the Blues".

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Born close to Sidon, Mississippi and also raised in Belzoni, she sang in church choirs prior to moving to Chicago in the early on 1960s. She sat in through R&B musicians and also wrote songs, influenced by nation music and the blues, prior to winning a record contract v Chess records in 1967. Her very first single, "A Love Reputation" was a modest local hit.

She created an independent manufacturing company, Crajon, v her then husband bill Jones. Her track "Trapped by A Thing called Love" (1971) was released top top Detroit-based Westbound Records. This got to #1 on the nationwide R&B chart and also #13 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 chart. The song ranked at #85 on the 1971 year-end chart. The RIAA gold disc award to be made on November 30, 1971 because that a million sales.

She additionally wrote successful follow-ups, "Now Run and Tell That" and "Man sized Job" which make #3 and also #4 in the R&B height Ten and also charted in the warm 100. Her early hits were taped at the hello recording studios in Memphis, activate by Willie Mitchell, utilizing the cream of southerly session players. She continued to have hits top top Westbound and also then on ABC records through the mid-1970s, consisting of "Love Me Right" (#10 R&B, #80 pop) She continued to produce and perform live. She co-penned song, "Married, however Not to each Other" (#16 R&B) was consisted of in the 1979 The finest of Barbara Mandrell, compilation album.

In the beforehand 1980s, she signed together a singer and songwriter v Malaco Records, for whom she exit a wire of critically acclaimed albums over an ext than 20 years, beginning with Lady in the Street (1983) and also Right Place, ideal Time (1984). Both albums became significant successes among soul blues, R&B and also soul fans and also on urban radio stations. In 1985, she appreciated her just recognition in the UK Singles Chart, when her cover version of Rockin' Sidney's "My Toot Toot" got to #6.

LaSalle appeared at the 1984 and 1993 version of the lengthy Beach Blues Festival, and additionally in 1993, she performed in ~ the mountain Francisco Blues Festival. She album Smokin' In Bed (1997) sold well. After an ext than a decade away, when she taped three albums with small Memphis-based soul-blues label, Ecko, she returned to Malaco for her 2010 outing dubbed "24 Hour Woman". She continues to job-related as a live performer, particularly at festivals, and more recently has branched out into the gospel genre. In 2011, she was inducted into the Blues hall of Fame.

LaSalle lived through her husband, James E. Wolfe, in Jackson, Tennessee, whereby she opened up a restaurant called Blues Legend Café. The restaurant was located at 436 E. Main Street and also has because closed.

In 2013 and 2014, LaSalle was nominated because that a Blues Music compensation in the 'Soul Blues mrs Artist' category. On June 6, 2015, LaSalle to be inducted right into the Rhythm and Blues Music hall of Fame.

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