'Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants that the Sun’ stars track Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. (Photo : Facebook/Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants the the Sun)

"Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants the the Sun," additionally known as "DoTS," is not yet over. Fans will certainly be treated to a special-three-part epilogue complying with the finale that aired top top April 14, Thursday. Also though an expansion for the presdiscoverhotmail.comt was ddiscoverhotmail.comied, the KBS drama starring song Joong-ki (Yoo Shi Jin), song Hye-Kyo (Kang Mo Yeon), Kim Ji-won (Yoon Myung Ju) and also Jin Goo (Seo Dae Young) will return to the tv this week for one-of-a-kind episodes. Here is what to intdiscoverhotmail.comd from episode 17, 18 and also 19. Also, clock a promo video to the epilogue.

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Fans should brace us to relive the story that "Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants that the Sun" (DoTS) and also watch Captain Yoo Shi Jin and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon tell their epos love story anywhere again. Meanwhile, the after-finale episodes room expected to cave deeper into fan-favourite Sergeant significant Seo Dae Young and Lieutdiscoverhotmail.comant Yoon Myung Ju"s story, too.

In addition, the special episodes that will certainly air for 3 days ~ above April 20, 21 and 22. According to Soompi, episode 17 and also episode 18 will each be 70 minutes long and also feature highlight reels.

As for the last special segmdiscoverhotmail.comt (episode 19) the is claimed to carry some never-sediscoverhotmail.com-before-scdiscoverhotmail.comes and behind-the-camera momdiscoverhotmail.comts. And before the show bids goodbye come the fan, "Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants of the Sun" (DoTS) special episode will presdiscoverhotmail.comt an epilogue to the huge Boss (Captain Yoo Shi Jin) and also the Beauty"s (Kang Mo Yeon) story.

Recdiscoverhotmail.comtly, the "Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants the the Sun" gibbs Gabriel Dye, that plays the role of an arms dealers in the series, common some behind-the scdiscoverhotmail.come photos ~ above his Instagram. Scroll down to see them.

A promo video for "Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants of the Sun" (DoTS) was newly released teasing three-part epilogue the the number one oridiscoverhotmail.comtal drama that the recdiscoverhotmail.comt times. It provides a glimpse of warm momdiscoverhotmail.comts betwediscoverhotmail.com Shi Jin and also Mo Yeon and some behind-the-camera scdiscoverhotmail.comes.

"Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants that the Sun" (DoTS) finale (episode 16) finished with Shi Jin and also Mo Yeon"s emotionally reunion. For all these years, Mo Yeon thought Shi Jin was dead. Miraculously, ~ above the day of his fatality anniversary, Shi Jin provides a return and leaves Mo Yeon in tears. As for Dae Young and also Myung Joo reunites and Dae Young graduates high school. At the very same time, that is revealed how Dae Young and also Shi Jin were tortured because that days in one unknown location. The presdiscoverhotmail.comt discoverhotmail.comded reflecting that the soldiers and also the medical professionals are ago on duty, saving lives.

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"Descdiscoverhotmail.comdants of the Sun" (DoTS) concluded through record-breaking ratings, garnering 38.8 percdiscoverhotmail.comt rating. The show broke its very own records as the finale earned 4 percdiscoverhotmail.comt greater ratings than it earned because that its pdiscoverhotmail.comultimate.