Sunshot might be a standard Exotic Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 in ~ this point, however it still has a location in contemporary builds. The totality appeal the Sunshot is in its Solar explosions, which decimate teams of combatants and also are quite powerful in Crucible.

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How to get Sunshot

Back once Destiny 2 first released, Sunshot was easily accessible from the Red Legion campaign mission referred to as Sacrilege. The was among three price options, the others being Graviton Lance and Riskrunner. Offered the alters to Destiny 2, this is no longer a trusted source, an interpretation Sunshot is only obtainable from sources where Exotics are dropped.

What this means is the if you want to unlock Sunshot, friend will need to buy it from Xur, purchase a Fated Engram indigenous him, or farm yard it native raids or Nightfall: The Ordeal.

Sunshot perks


As with any kind of weapon in Destiny 2, that is make by the exclusive right it offers. Because that Sunshot, it comes through the following perks for its barrel, magazine, and also grip:

Chambered CompensatorAccurized RoundsTextured Grip

But the key appeal that Sunshot is its two Exotic traits:

Sun Blast – Targets eliminated by Sunshot explode in Solar energy.Sunburn – This weapon fires explosive rounds and highlights targets that take damages from Sunshot.

These perks don’t really connect with one one more but just do their very own thing. One perk guarantee that any type of enemy that dies from Sunshot explodes if the other marks any kind of target the takes damages for easier tracking.

Sunshot has an Exotic Catalyst that boosts its selection and stability perk. This provides it even more deadly in Crucible.

How and when to usage Sunshot

Sunshot is finest used in PVE content, though it have the right to be powerful in Crucible.

Sunshot really mirrors its potential in PVE content. As soon as attacking low-tier mobs, death a single unit can an outcome in dozens of death as surrounding enemies perish indigenous the explosion. Yet it doesn’t finish there, as any type of enemy that dies from the explosion additionally explodes, causing this cascading to explode that proceeds so lengthy as opponents keep dying. It’s among the best add-clear Exotics on sell (though, nothing really competes with Riskrunner).

Players on pc may uncover that Sunshot is wonderful option in Crucible. V the extra stability and selection afforded by the Exotic Catalyst, it can complete at a startlingly lengthy range. What’s more, the sunlight Blast perk will significantly weaken any nearby enemies, enabling you to mop up any stragglers, or save them the end of the fight. Plus, a weakened opponent is much more likely to die from the sunlight Blast perk, i beg your pardon creates an additional one. In rarely circumstances, you may wipe the end a large portion that the opponent team with just a few rounds.

Sunshot lore


"Can"t outrun the sunrise." —Liu Feng

She bowed her head, heat shimmering from she fist. A silent salute come the Hive closing about her, their eyes developing a glowing jade ring.

She to be a Sunbreaker. A mercenary native days before the City. Not favor the new Lights from the Tower. She was weary. However there was no remainder out here, whereby the City lights didn"t reach. She and also her allies were committed to your arduous, solitary task. Yet they could constantly use more numbers.

Sometimes, lock left trinkets for the City. Meant as an obstacle and bribe in ~ once—we sell you this. Come uncover us.

She had forged the Warlock gauntlets herself. Ouros laugh in her confront when she said her their name. She wasn"t very great at names.

A gun. She would forge a gun, next. It would speak favor her Hammer. And burn like fire. The ring of jade eyes closed ~ above her. Liu Feng laughed, her arms open for a fiery embrace.

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Sunshot is one underrated Exotic Hand Cannon that definitely deserves another look. It can use up an Exotic weapon slot, but transforming things increase from time to time can keep the fresh. Be sure to inspect out the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even an ext Exotic weapon overviews.