Destiny 2: The finest Easter egg & video game Secrets There"s much more to Destiny 2 than players could realize, therefore don"t miss out on out on these Easter eggs, mystery locations, and hidden mini-games.

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WARNING: This write-up contains minor spoiler for Destiny 2


The gameplay of Destiny 2 is being extensively praised, yet there"s much more to the game than players probably expect. While making their means through the main story campaign, players have actually probably noticed few of their peers mirroring off brand-new powers, strange effects, or seeming come be involved in solving elaborate puzzles fully hidden from your eyes. As soon as the project ends, and also these activities have never been explained, football player will lastly realize exactly how much that the game"s funny lies outside of the spotlight - whereby the developers" idea of a hoax and challenge can really press players to new (and insane) levels.

The developer of the Halo collection made a name for themselves with their obscure secrets concealed in impossible-to-reach places. So that shouldn"t it is in surprising the their faithful fans would revolve up the same in Destiny 2 within days that release. We"ve gathered up our favorites, along with walkthroughs to make certain every player deserve to join in top top the fun.

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5. The Tower"s an enig Room

The Tower unlocked when the project is completed is larger and much more intricate than in the first Destiny, but there"s one extra room players can access for a hint at a story however to it is in told. To uncover it, head towards the main Hangar upon showing up in the Courtyard, under the staircase, roughly the corner to the right, and also straight ahead v the blue-lit hallway in the direction of the main hangar. When you get in the hangar, store in mind that the catwalk straight ahead of you (marked by straightforward to spot welder) is wherein you want to go - to access the catwalk directly over the enntrance gate you"re walking v (marked by another such welder). Head up the staircase to the right and cross towards the very first welder, and you"ll have the ability to spot a void in opposing catwalk"s railing. Hop the railing straight in front of the surrounding lights, and also the gap should it is in jumpable at a sprint.

From over there it" s a brief run and also squeeze with ductwork to find the room. When inside the room, players will discover a an easy goblet and also a newspaper - once belonging come a woman called "Ana Bray." That"s a surname that have to ring part bells for seasoned players fond the the larger Destiny lore, and we have actually our very own theory ~ above the Ana Bray secret in Destiny 2. Little is known about the hero beyond her valor, yet your ghost notes that something about the heavily-edited newspaper feels "wrong"... So perhaps the legend told come Guardians isn"t the actual story?

4. The Floor is Lava Challenge

The game may be filled through mighty warriors and proud Guardians, yet they quiet know exactly how to let their inner kid run loose. Together is the case with the "The Floor is Lava Challenge" covert on the Tower. Upon spawning in, make your way up the slanting wall to her left, come the highest level that the Tower. In the middle of walkway (roughly over optimal of the spot friend spawned in) you"ll notice a couple of crates of strength cells. Method the cells, and also they"ll do the danger clear with a notice stating "Don"t pick Me Up." pick one up anyway, and also congratulations: you have started the Floor is Lave an obstacle where... Well, the floor is lava.

One the a trio of feasible locations will certainly then be illuminated, complicated players to pick their method to the finish line without coming into call with the concrete floor that the Tower. Each of the three will pose a various challenge, so for tips or direct routes, be certain to read our guide to Destiny 2"s Floor is Lava Challenge.

3. Soccer Returns - Only giant This Time

end the year Bungie has made a habit the end of arising complicated, sleek shooter experiences... And also then injecting ridiculous objects in really hopes that the player basic will usage them to create unpredictable brand-new mini-games. That was the instance with Halo, so when a football ball and oversized, floaty purple round were discovered in the first Destiny"s tower, few were surprised. Fans will be enjoyment to understand that the games make a return in Destiny 2, however like every little thing else through the game, it"s bigger... And an ext polished.

The very first chance to try your luck at a game of footie deserve to be found on The Farm, in a field set aside finish with two sets the goals. Kick the ball into either end three times in a row, and also a fireworks display will notice the winner. Once players leaving The farm yard behind for the spectacle of space, the video game scales with them. When you"ve unlocked the final Tower ~ the game"s project has to be completed, head deep right into the Hangar to find a much bigger field, and a far more impressive fireworks show for the winner.

2. The Tower"s Glowing, Bouncing, huge Ball Game

football player of the really first Destiny do a facility gag the end of a developer joke, inserting an oversized ball right into the game"s social spaces. And also for Destiny 2, they take it it to the following level. Well, four or 5 levels, to be much more precise. You"re most likely to at some point see one or more players in the Tower"s social space kicking a glowing sphere from one side to the other, without any kind of idea why, or for what ultimate goal. It"s in reality a sequence of four various balls, every possessing various weights, and also all required to it is in kicked right into a certain place come unlock the following in the chain.

When every one has been moved home, a substantial floating version of the Traveler (complete with a Destiny logo) will be brought into the Tower. Much lighter than all the others, it"s together if a miniature moon has involved visit. The sequence, locations, and strategies space a bit complex to explain here, so head end to our Destiny 2 giant Tower ball video game guide for every the details (and great luck).

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1. Scouting rate Run on The Farm

If every this speak of enhanced jump mechanics has got you wishing over there was in reality a point come it all, then a pilgrimage to The farm is certainly what you"re after. A distinct "scouting" mission has been concealed just below the surface, unlocked once players traverse the area - without touching the ground. Football player will need to accomplish two jobs to make the happen: walk/run on top of the water wheel, and also run follow me the cables connecting the space"s buildings together. That doesn"t issue what order they"re achieved in, so players deserve to leap come the water wheel native the surrounding tent to complete "Wheel Boost" for 2X Sentry Ranks, then run throughout the wires connecting to the farmhouse and also complete "Vertigo" in the process, or vice versa.

Once the 4 Setnry points space accrued, leap on end to the bonfire near the shore. You"ll be given a prompt come unlock a unique scouting mission unlike any type of you"ve do the efforts before. It"s effectively a race, challenging players to placed their new amplified jumping to the test. Beams of light will note waypoints that need to be rushed to in order to unlock the following - ten in all - within a time limit. The time limit isn"t difficult to beat, and it"s repeatable come the player"s delight. Enjoy!