New screenshots display legendary and also exotic weapons that are coming to Destiny in increase of Iron, including brand-new sets because that the Vanguard, Crucible, vendors, Trials that Osiris, and also Iron Banner.

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rise of stole supremacy

New screenshots show legendary and exotic tools that are coming come Destiny in climb of Iron, including new sets for the Vanguard, Crucible, vendors, Trials the Osiris, and Iron Banner.

Destiny"s developer Bungie has currently revealed the the Year One exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn is making a comeback in climb of Iron. However Destiny: climb of Iron, the game"s autumn expansion, will carry a complete weapon refresh throughout vendors, factions, and activities.

In a repertoire of screenshot released by Bungie and Activision, fans can obtain a glimpse of several of the weapons they will be searching down this September once Rise of stole launches. Here they are:

Vanguard, Crucible, & Factions

The blue and orange, V-shaped paint scheme ~ above the human body of the gun, to add the complete Vanguard insignia right below the sight pretty lot solidifies the Occam"s Razor is a Vanguard shotgun, likely easily accessible from the Vanguard Quartermaster and also a possible drop from legend Engrams.

This fusion rifle can be either the paint scheme for the brand-new collection of Crucible tools or it can be a slight alteration of the blue and also orange that was ~ above Occam"s Razor above. Intend to uncover this weapon in ~ the Crucible (or Vanguard) Quartermaster.

This heavy maker gun is clearly the residential or commercial property of the brand-new Monarchy faction. And also with the recently revealed attribute of gift able come choose between weapons and armor for faction location up packages, football player should have a clear avenue to this weapon if they so choose.

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iron Banner Weapons

steel Banner is getting an review in rise of Iron. The reputation system and also bounties space being readjusted with the goal that hitting location 5 will certainly take much less time but that players will certainly be incentivized to save playing to gain post-match prey drops.

The weapons and gear are likewise taking a vast departure in style from what has actually previously been watched in Destiny"s first two years. The weapons look particularly old, adorned through chainmail, blades, and also spikes. That is fitting through the Viking and also Arthurian legend inspired theme of climb of Iron that points come the expansion"s narrative involving the steel Lords.

PAGE 2: Trials that Osiris and also Exotics


Bungie is making countless of the exotics in rise of Iron much less based on RNG, rather putting them in ~ the finish of search chains. By completing searches (like The take away King"s pursuits for Sleeper Simulant or The Chaperone) players will be able to add these to your arsenal.

The Khvostov is the very first weapon players choose up in the game. In increase of Iron, the Khvostov is getting a promotion, coming ago in exotic form. Bungie states the auto rifle is the most customizable weapon in the game.

Fans have actually known around the Gjallarhorn"s return for fairly some time now. The was part of the official announcement because that the expansion. Bungie has actually said that while the exotic will be powerful, Gjallarhorn will certainly not be rather as powerful as it was in Year One.

tiny is known about this exotic sidearm. Some gameplay from rise of Iron"s trailers present that it is a three-burst sidearm, but it is unknown if it has any type of other exotic perk.

also less is known around Nemesis Star, a heavy an equipment gun draft by the weapon foundry Nadir. It has been shown in trailers but not shooting nor has its exotic perk been revealed.

Nadir"s logo design has been in the game but this is the first time an yes, really Nadir weapon has found its way into the game. This likewise begs the question, will legendary Nadir weapons be accessible from the Gunsmith in Year Three?

This is simply a glimpse the what is sure to be a large number of new weapons coming in increase of Iron.