I have actually a linked_list and currently mine destructor is not working properly. Not entirely sure why.Can somebody explain me how to fix this?

class linked_list { private:struct node // cable in this node std::string data; // tip to following node struct node *next;;//First item in the liststruct node *first;Here is mine destructor

linked_list::~linked_list(void)while (first) delete first; very first = first->next;

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The trouble lies here:

delete first;first = first->next;When girlfriend delete first, yet then shot to accessibility first->next. Cache first->next into a temp change of form node*, then do delete very first to deal with this:

struct node* temp;while (first != NULL) temp = first->next; delete first; very first = temp;


change to

linked_list::~linked_list(void)struct node *next;while (first != NULL) next = first->next; delete first; first = next;


When girlfriend "delete" first, you actually clear all the links from it. Now, if you try to accessibility some other node making use of this, will not develop the compelled result.

First, you have actually to suggest that node v some various other pointer, so the you still have actually some connect which you can accessibility later.


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