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For immediate Release: march 31, 2020

Chase Funeral Home, Inc. Is all set to Safely treatment For Families throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Huntingdon, TN – follow Funeral Home, Inc. Continues to be committed and prepared to safely treatment for the family members it serves during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Whenever possible, chase Funeral Home, Inc. Will continue to enable families to take part in the rituals that space most necessary to them.

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And according to the CDC, in ~ this time, there is no recognized risk linked with gift in the exact same room at a funeral or visitation service with the human body of someone who passed away of evidenced or suspected COVID-19; however, federal, state and local public wellness guidance may influence the dimension of collection a family members is able to plan. Depending on a family’s preferences, your loved one can be safely embalmed. Households may choose either burial or cremation together usual.

“At follow Funeral Home, Inc, we acknowledge our responsibility to protect the wellness of those we are privileged to serve,” claimed Chase Funeral Home, Inc.. “We will continue to overview families, as we always have, in ways they deserve to meaningfully commemorate the life of their loved one, if adhering to the guidance issued by federal, state and local public health and wellness officials.”

Chase Funeral Home, Inc. Continued: “Our staff continues to be vigilant around cleaning ours facilities and ensuring we’re all adhering to recommended healthy and balanced habits, such as staying home when sick, washing our hands, and also covering coughs and also sneezes. The CDC and also our state and local public health officials have readily available a many of valuable guidance because that businesses top top this topic, i beg your pardon we continue to follow.”

A member of the national Funeral director Association (NFDA), follow Funeral Home, Inc. Frequently receives details via NFDA native the CDC, department of Health and also Human Services and also other agencies about the advancement of COVID-19 in the unified States.

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NFDA proceeds to lead the conversation with federal officials about the role of funeral organization as the relates come the COVID-19 pandemic.

If the employee of follow Funeral Home, Inc. Deserve to be of assistance, please call us at 731-986-0500 or