Love him or dislike him, girlfriend can’t deny the success of guy Fieri’s wildly popular TV show, “Diners, journey Ins & Dives” top top the Food Network.

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For those the haven’t turned on the Food Network in the past 15 years, “Triple D” attributes the most well-known restaurants in any kind of given city, with focus on the casual and also down-to-earth options.

In other words, right in our wheelhouse.

So as purveyor’s of Minneapolis & St. Paul’s many authentic local’s guide, you can bet we’ve tuned right into every episode featuring our exorbitant hometown.

That’s why today, we’re highlighting 9 of our favorite restaurants the were deservedly featured on Food Network’s Diners, journey Ins & Dives – Minneapolis edition.

1. Smack Shack in ~ the 1029 Bar (Minneapolis)


On this episode, man is browsing out “Streamlined Sammies.” So, in our biased opinion, that made a good choice when he came to Minneapolis to examine out Smack Shack’s legendary lobster rolls!

The illustration starts with man explaining the quirky story behind Smack Shack at the 1029 Bar. As the legend goes, Smack Shack started as a humble downtown food truck. Once the truck quickly reached max capacity, Smack Shack’s chef got to out come his buddy at 1029 Bar. The deal? Smack Shack would usage the kitchen the 1029 to lug its legendary lobster rolls come the dive bar.

Except wait… male never do the efforts the Lobster Rolls. Instead, Smack Shack’s feature starts with The Lamb Sandwich.

In any type of case, guy was instantly impressed v the sandwich’s saffron aoli, before describing the lamb together “OUTSTANDING. I median stupid in flavor.” Once male put every the ingredient together, he appeared legitimately puffy away, and it certainly didn’t look like an acting job.

This has acquired to it is in in the top biggest lamb sandwiches I’ve ever had.” – man Fieri ~ above The Lamb Sandwich in ~ Smack Shack

Next, guy moved onto a much more traditional Smack Shack clip – The Lobster Mac and also Cheese.

One bite in, and also Guy Fieri to be wandering about the kitchen, speechless. (For a change…)

2. The Nook (St. Paul)

If one out-of-towner concerns Minneapolis searching for a Jucy Lucy, we practically always recommend one of two people Matt’s or The Nook. So, we were happy come see guy Fieri visit one of the city’s best options for Minneapolis’s renowned cheese-stuffed burgers.

(We additionally got a kick out him explaining the basics of a Lucy, including the molten hot cheese oozing the end from the patties.)

To start, male met up v Mike Runyon and also Ted Casper, that purchased The Nook as fresh faced 20-year-olds. This to be a stark comparison to owner lock bought the from, a grandmother-like number who ran the nook from 1967 to 1997. (Which still comes up 30 years brief of The Nook’s 1938 opening.)

Soon thereafter, man was digging into The Nook’s Juicy Nookie, i beg your pardon was apparently his an initial Jucy Lucy. He explained the experience:

“Oh yea… the tiny cheese explosion. You recognize what i like around that? Everything. The bun is fantastic.” – male Fieri top top The Nook’s “Juicy Nookie”

He then went on a small field expedition to PJ Murphy’s Bakery to see exactly how those buns to be made fresh daily, prior to returning come the restaurant to taste a bite that the 300 pounds the fries which The Nook goes v every day.

Afterwards, man tried a Bacon Burger and a Nookie Supreme, which us didn’t pay all that much attention to. Due to the fact that if you’re not ordering a Jucy indigenous The Nook, well… then you’re just doing that wrong.

3. Emily’s Lebanese Delicatessen (Minneapolis)

Emily’s is a Twin urban classic. For this reason when man visited in Season 5, us paid attention.

Pretty accurately defined as “Home cookin’, Lebanese style,” man tried the adhering to Emily’s dishes:

Lamb Kebob – Guy explained it together “Nice, bright, and fresh… Unbelievable man…”Lamb’s Tongue v Herb Vinaigrette – guy seemed to order this one because that the shock factor, because it’s among the least ordered items on the menu. Yet hey, the made for great TV, ns guess.The Meat Pie – man devoured his middle eastern meat pie, saying it had great flavors and an excellent dough.

We’d have actually loved to check out Guy shot some of Emily’s garlic sauce, which us lovingly describe as “Crack Sauce” due to the fact that we’ve been recognized to order that by the gallon, and also then douse it all over our house recipes.

But hey, at least he visited one of our favorite Twin cities Mediterranean places.

4. Broder’s Cucina Italian (Minneapolis)


At the recommendation of guy Fieri’s very own cameraman (a Twin urban local… shout out!) Guy decided he had to shot Broder’s in Minneapolis.

This episode explained Broder’s as, “the family an initial Italian joint cranking out fresh pasta and also dishing up righteous pies.”

Triple D fight the nail on the head there. Follow to our rankings, Broder’s is indeed one that Minneapolis’s ideal Italian restaurants.

On the episode, man threw unique shout outs to Broder’s Lasagna, the Chicken Parm, and also the House make Bolognese… i beg your pardon the present said to be the restaurant’s peak seller.

Guy’s reaction to that Bolognese, and also we quote:

“I’ve enjoyed pasta anywhere the world… ns pride myself on making my very own pasta. This is fantastic. This is prefer the rocket the is walk to go to mars, man…” – male Fieri top top Broder’s Cucina Italian in Minneapolis

5. Pizzeria Lola (Minneapolis)

Guy’s foodie girlfriend (and fellow celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern) lugged him come Pizzeria Lola. Not surprisingly, Andrew to know his food! We’ve long touted Lola as among our choices for finest pizza in Minneapolis.

On the episode, Ann Kim (who we lovingly refer to as Minneapolis’s pizza queen, thanks to her ownership of not simply Pizzeria Lola yet Young Joni and Hello Pizza, too) went tit because that tat with male Fieri’s periodically overbearing personality.

In the process, she served him 3 of Pizzeria Lola’s most popular pies:

The My Sharoni – a favorite and our vote for among the best meat lovers pizzas anywhere…The Lady Zaza – a oriental sausage fan favorite very comparable to our an individual favorite, the korean BBQThe Sunnyside – egg and all!

Not surprisingly, male loved all three. We agree!

6. The Wienery (Minneapolis)

On this Diners, journey Ins, and Dives Minneapolis episode, Guy automatically dug right into a $4 burger i beg your pardon he seemed modestly impressed with, simply stating “That’s a great burger.”

From there, guy wanted to try the Spicy Italian Combo after see a client “inhaling” his.

This enjoy the meal is essentially a lengthy Italian sausage top top a homemade hoagie bun, topped through butter wet roast beef, cheese, and also hot giardiniera peppers.

Guy offered it a solid thumbs up prior to raving around its balance the flavors.

7. Victor’s 1959 cafe (Minneapolis)


Cuban food in Minnesota? guy was surprised.

One that the points I’m always looking for on Triple D. Those small little joints the make you stop and also go, ‘What in the heck?’ like this little tropical spring dive here in south Minneapolis.” – man Fieri’s an initial impression of Victor’s 1959 Cafe.

To add an ext confusion come the picture, man met up with owner Niki Stavrou, the Greek lady responsible because that the restaurant’s delicious Cuban food.

As Niki explains, she learned every the yes, really recipes from her Cuban ex-husband.

Guy appeared convinced, for this reason he ordered increase a pan favorite – the Picodillo Plate, i m sorry he decided was “good enough to eat everyday.”

Next, Guy gained a indict on Victor’s Cubano Sandwich, which Victor’s slow cooks for an impressive 4 hours. After a fast taste, Guy chose it was in his “Top 5” every time Cuban sandwiches, which is high prayer from someone that clarified he’s had actually over 50 various ones.

Lastly, Guy offered the Ropa Vieja a shot. The was immediately impressed through the patience that this dish. The episode confirmed the flank steak being simmered because that an hour and also a fifty percent until it’s fall apart tender, then steamed on a pile of fragrant veggies, then simmered in some Creole sauce for good measure.

Not surprisingly, guy raved about this one too.

His last verdict?

If friend live in ~ 500 miles of this joint, make a vacation the end of it.” – male Fieri top top Victor’s 1959 Cafe.

8. Donatelli’s (White be affected by each other Lake)

For a suburban twist, guy headed phibìc to White bear Lake.

Donatelli’s is a piece mall ar is owned by Steve Donatelli, whose food selection is based entirely of standard Italian family recipes.

Like the Special Red Sauce. Donatelli’s showed just how this sauce is made new every day, which entails an exceptional 8 hour simmering process.

Guy bespeak his red sauce over some fresh do Mostaccioli pasta, which persuaded him come rename the restaurant Donatelli’s house of Cheese, many thanks to gooey strings in every bite.

He climate tried a “dynamite” Spaghetti Pie, i m sorry he defined as an exciting “Pasta, Egg, Veggie, and also Cheese Thing.”

Lastly, guy watched the make of Donetelli’s meatballs, which the tried ~ above a Meatball Sandwich. Again, man was surprised through the mountain of cheese, big portions, and also low price.

9. Red Wagon Pizza agency (Minneapolis, MN)

On an additional recommendation from guy Fieri’s Minneapolis-based camera crew, man headed to one of our favourite Minneapolis pizza clues – Red Wagon.

Once there, charismatic Red Wagon owner Peter Campbell stole the show, as he enthusiastically confirmed the passion he puts into every pie.

The first of those was The Red Wagon Pizza, which was later on officially renamed to “Red Wagon Pizza (DDD)” in respect of the episode.

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That’s probably because Guy anointed this pizza together “The actual Deal.” In the episode, man spent a couple of minutes raving about the balance the the homemade sauce, the homemade dough, the touch of peppers, and the perfect spices.

Interestingly, the next order wasn’t pizza at all, but the handmade Tortellini. Sadly, this dish is no much longer on the menu, also though Guy defined is together “phenomenal.”