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After getting to the Elven Temple situated in the northeast that the Nameless Isle (picture1), talk about with the priestess who will tell girlfriend the ar of the mommy tree (picture2). Connect with the tree near the priestess to reach an area where the heart of the mommy Tree is situated (picture3).

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Note: The options of this quest will have a major impact. First, discuss with the elf situated in former of the mommy Tree. Throughout your conversation, girlfriend will have actually the selection between searching for the shadow Prince or destroying the mom tree straight (picture4).


Choice No.1 – challenge the elf:

Choose the alternative “the mommy tree have to be destroyed”. Confront the elf and also the rest of his troupe. If you have Sebille in her team, connect with the love of the tree to damage it after winning your fight. If you do not, you will certainly still have to go in search of the zero Prince to carry out you with the product that will permit you to ruin tree.

Be conscious that after dealing with the Elven Scion, all the elves in the area will pursue your group.

Choice No.2 – find the zero Prince:

Get out of the area to find Saheila, if you saved her throughout “The Elven Seer” quest. The young elf will ask you to kill the mother tree (picture5).


Move come the south of the Nameless Isle, friend will uncover the shadow Prince come the east of the temple of Zorl-Stissa (picture6and7). During your discussion, girlfriend will have the choice between: death the Prince or hear to his argument and agree to death the mommy tree.


Be mindful that if Sebille is part of her team, you will have to pick the phrase “You song the song” (picture8). If not, Sebille will certainly permanently leave her group. Friend can also leave Sebille outside the battlefield throughout the fight.

Kill the Prince and his minions (picture9) then connect with his corpse to collect his Heart, evidence of his fatality (picture10). Go back to the Elven Scion and also give she the love (picture11).

Choice No.1: Eat zero Prince’s heart

Choice No.2: asking Sebille to stay free

Choice No.3: provide Shadow Prince’s heart

Choice No.1: If girlfriend eat the heart, friend will find out Fan of knives skill. However you shed the proof of his death.

Choice No.2: If you have actually Sebille in your team, friend will have the choice between asking them to change the mother tree in the long term or to remain free. If you select to replace the mom tree, Sebille will obtain a brand-new talent. If friend don’t, you’re walk to have actually to face the Elven Scion.

Choice No.3: provide the heart to the Elven Scions. You will then have actually to pick one of the adhering to rewards (picture12).

Choice No.2 – follow the shadow Prince:

After discussing with the shadow Prince, friend will have actually the possibility to expropriate his plan. In this case, the Prince will offer you the item: Deathfog (picture13). Go earlier to the Elven Scion and also confront her (picture14).

Once the struggle is over, interact with the heart and also place the Deathfog (picture15). All the elves in the area will certainly die (picture16). Go back to the Prince and also choose one of the rewards (picture17).

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Once the hit is over, communicate with the heart and also place the Deathfog (picture15). Every the elves in the area will die (picture16). Go earlier to the Prince and also choose one of the rewards (picture17).