No it’s no necessary yet it is still good. Brotherhood is work again, please again of the original and also adapts the source material a lot far better and has method less filler, i m sorry are some of the key reasons why the bulk of civilization prefer Brotherhood (myself included) lock both an ext or less tell the exact same story, it’s just FMAB does it better



Watch FMA first.


- shorter by around ten episodes

- The begin is less complicated to recognize

- You'll appreciate Brotherhood more if you watch this first*

- The plot, imo (and note: this is only my opinion, nobody else's), is far better (but climate that's certainly not a factor to watch it first)

*When ns watched FMA:B, the begin was exceptionally rushed. But because those first couple of episodes room the exact same together the very first half the FMA, which I'd currently seen, ns was in reality happy the they rushed it, due to the fact that I didn't have to watch the exact same thing everywhere again.

You don't necessarily have to watch both, but in case you do, then follow mine advice. Think me, girlfriend won't regret it.

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Try brotherhood because when I'm done through these animes I'm watching i was planing on watching brotherhood after.


Didn't FMA leave stuff the end the manga


FMAB is closer to the manga but both are good and in my opinion that doesn’t matter which one friend watch an initial but FMA does leave stuff out and also has a different ending 보다 the manga

(edited through Hippo Lover11)
Caleath12 FMAB is no a remake, every se, since the original was over fifty percent not based on source.

It doesn’t hurt come watch favor the an initial 6-10 episodes of FMA ‘03, yet absolutely not crucial to watch the whole thing prior to watching FMAB. Go earlier and finish FMA ‘03 if you curious about how the director ended the story, however it isn’t canon in ~ all.

(edited by Fandyllic)
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