A player cannot affix to a match after agree it in Dota 2 if either there is a real server outage or if his video game is in one error state. This issue starting occurring after ~ 2015 and has to be a continuous issue due to the fact that then.

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If over there is one outage by Steam, the worry is regularly short-lived and gets resolved by Steam’s design team. Otherwise, the following workarounds solve the concern quickly if her platform is in an error state.

Users check out the following disconnection succession after accepting the game:

Dota 2 reconnect bug

Players room redirected ago to the home display after castle accept and also the match finding gets finished. This behavior might differ case-to-case however mostly, the problem has checked out to happen in EUR and also SEA servers. Tiny workarounds listed below usually deal with the concern unless the is a server problem at Steam.


How to solve Disconnection after ~ Accepting game in Dota-2?


Make certain your network has an excellent connectivity prior to proceeding.Turn off any firewalls to avoid getting blocked by them.Try changing your network to watch if that was bring about a problem.

How to settle Disconnection after Accepting video game in Dota-2?

Follow the workarounds below to solve Dota 2 disconnecting after agree a game beginning from the an initial one together they are listing according to your level of challenge and effectiveness.


Workaround 1: move Dota 2 Servers

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This is the simplest deal with if you are encountering the reconnecting pest in Dota 2. Simply use one more server when beginning the game. That is important to note that you need to not choose Auto.

Click on Play Dota at the bottom-right side of the screen.

Clicking top top ‘Play Dota’Next, select the game kind and click on Server name at the bottom-right next of the display screen to beginning server options.

Select Server because that server optionsNow, pick another certain server. Make sure that you uncheck the Automatically pick region option together well.

Selecting one more server – Dota 2Press OK to start queuing her game. Examine if the issue is resolved.

Workaround 2: Restart heavy steam Completely

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If you can’t reconnect after numerous attempts in Dota 2, climate it probably method that your customer is in an error state and it cannot begin the connection to the live game. Here, completely restart steam will settle this issue.

First that all, leave Dota. Next, close Steam completely by clicking on the heavy steam button present at the top-left next of the screen and selecting Exit.

Exiting SteamNow, open up your task manager and also select the steam process. Click on End Task.

Exiting heavy steam from job ManagerAfter wait for a couple of minutes, open heavy steam again and also start her queuing process again. Hopefully, the concern will be solved.

Workaround 3: refreshing ‘steamapps’ Folder

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‘steamapps’ consists of game records for every the games installed in Steam. In this workaround, we will certainly rename the folder so vapor is compelled to having fresh documents of Dota 2.

Note: We will experiment v this by just renaming the folder. All her existing game files other than Dota 2 will be present. If this workaround works, you can copy-paste every other gamings into the newly developed folder through Steam.

Navigate to the installation brochure of Steam. Now, rename the folder of ‘steamapps‘ to something else prefer ‘steamapps_temp‘.

Renaming ‘steamapps’ in SteamPerform Workaround 2 to totally exit steam and open up it again.When you walk to Dota 2 in Steam, girlfriend will watch the Install button rather of Play. Click on Install and wait because that the process to complete.

Installing Dota 2Once installation is done, open up the game. Don’t begin queuing yet. Open a Bot game or try spectating a game.If you are successful here, you deserve to go front and try queuing. The Reconnecting an insect will be resolved.

Workaround 4: fully Reinstall Steam

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If no one of the over methods work, we can go ahead and attempt come reinstalling heavy steam completely. This will remove all present files totally and will certainly fetch brand-new files and manifest from heavy steam servers.

Press Windows + R, type ‘appwiz.cpl‘ in the box, and also press Enter.Now, locate steam from the list of applications. Click on it and also select Uninstall.If girlfriend don’t uncover your entry there, navigate to the installation magazine of heavy steam and click on Uninstall.exe as displayed in this picture.

uninstall.exe in SteamFrom there, you have the right to download Dota 2 again and start playing.

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If none of the workarounds fixed the problem for you, that probably means there is a server problem from Steam. You deserve to check Dota 2 top top Reddit to watch if other world are also facing a problem. Friend can additionally check the Steam status from an unofficial page and see if over there are any kind of discrepancies.