DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino space down to the last five ladies. They invite their Jersey Shore roommates, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and also Jenni “JWoww” Farley to satisfy the girls. However, JWoww additionally brought a polygraph technician to offer the continuing to be contestants lie detector tests. Also, the males take their females out ~ above their last dates, and Elle ultimately makes a decision. Who went home on Double Shot in ~ Love illustration 12?


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Girls take it lie detector test in ‘Double Shot at Love’ illustration 12

Ronnie and JWoww came to the mansion, through a polygraph technician, come interrogate the girls and see i beg your pardon one is a good fit for Pauly D and Vinny. Elle Wilson to be nervous due to the fact that she didn’t desire to expose which man she favored more. However, Elle admitted to having feelings because that both that them. She likewise confessed come cheating on an ex-boyfriend.

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When JWoww asked Derryn Paige if she would provide up her cat for a relationship, Derryn said yes, i beg your pardon turned out to be a lie. She climate told the confessional the would choose a boyfriend over her cats, as lengthy as she still obtained to view her pet every day.

The lie detector test identified that Nikki's feelings are genuine AF!! Don't miss a brand-new episode of #DoubleShotAtLove tonight at 8/7c top top

Derryn also admitted to feeling jealous over Nikki Hall and Pauly D’s connection. However, Nikki stated she doesn’t feel threatened by Derryn in ~ all. Nikki additionally raised JWoww’s concerns when she admitted that she was currently in love with Pauly D and would marry him tomorrow.

Maria Elizondo was exceptionally nervous, and also her palms were profusely sweating throughout her interrogation. She claimed she watch herself with Vinny and lied around never having a threesome. Alysse Joyner answered that she would like to date Vinny, however is no in love v him.

Pauly D and Vinny take the girls on final dates in ‘Double Shot at Love’ illustration 12

Vinny take it Alysse come a dog fostering place because that their final date due to the fact that he loved exactly how she interacted with his dog. Even though beanie told Alysse that feels comfortable holding and also touching her; she quiet doesn’t recognize if their connection is more powerful than what he has with Maria.

Pauly and also Nikki walk bowling since they’re both very competitive. Nikki shocked Pauly D once she claimed he to know her much better than anyone else. Pauly D stated Nikki is his type, yet when that went because that his kind in the past and it didn’t work out. He additionally wonders if Nikki would autumn out the love with him as quickly as she fell, however Nikki promised that wouldn’t happen.

ElleWilson93 has decided to it is in #TeamVinny complete time! #DoubleShotAtLove

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Vinny and also Maria delighted in a romantic dinner day on a rooftop, but they couldn’t get past every others’ awkwardness. Castle attempted come kiss a few times; however, their sweatiness and persistent laughing wouldn’t let that happen. Vinny said that he and also Maria have actually so numerous connections, but they can’t placed it together in a relationship. Maria additionally admitted that she’s one overthinker and paranoid, staying clear of her native opening approximately Vinny.

Pauly also took Derryn ~ above a dinner date and told her she checks several boxes for him. He stated her beauty would certainly have captured his eye, however now she’s captured his heart. Derryn said the confessional that she desires to it is in the just girl for him and is falling in love through him.

Both guys took Elle out due to the fact that they want her to choose in between the two of lock finally. Vinny and also Elle attracted portraits of every other, and Vinny said Elle that he thought she was the one due to the fact that the an initial day. Pauly delighted in a Moroccan-themed dinner day with Elle, but they didn’t speak much. Elle came to be emotional since she realized she wanted Vinny and also felt favor she’s closing the door ~ above her and also Pauly D.

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Who went home in ‘Double Shot at Love’ episode 12?

The #DoubleShotAtLove finale is next week. I'm gonna go cry some much more now. Bye! ✌️

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Pauly and also Vinny referred to as all five girls under for the cab ceremony. Elle and also Maria to be in the bottom two and Vinny, regrettably, had to speak to a cab because that Maria due to the fact that she still hasn’t opened up up. The told Maria she’s among the most interesting human being that the has ever before met and Maria admitted in the cab the she got in her own way.