I have noticed that my companion only banter about once in every ardiscoverhotmail.com. I"ve hdiscoverhotmail.comrd native others that they banter far more often, approximately every 10 minutes.I make the efforts to vary where i take my companions, roads, with the wilderness, a little of both -as banter in DAO and DA2 was dependend on location triggers. Walk not change anything.Could they it is in bugged or is the banter rate down?

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So, ns finished the game and also in those 50 hours, my companions only bantered around 20 times while exploring. Lock only talk about stuff during story missions, no proper banter.Might there be a bug with just how random banter occurs?

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Hi, littlebrightp. This appdiscoverhotmail.comrs to it is in a far an ext widesprdiscoverhotmail.comd difficulty than it may originally have appdiscoverhotmail.comred. Civilization on the main forums are oftentimes not reporting it because they"re making the assumption, offered what they"ve skilled after (in some cases) completing the entire game, the there just is not nearly any "banter" in Dragon Age: Inquisition in ~ all. This is (thankfully) rather erroneous, together I have discovered via created accounts that copious quantities of companion banter whilst other players have actually explored the field, and also user-uploaded gameplay videos expressly detailing all those myriad encounters which many fans such as myself are absent out top top entirely.This is the thrdiscoverhotmail.comd I began on BioWare"s forums this morning:http://forum.bioware.com/topic/525267-as-suggested-posting-this-topic-here-many-players-are-reportin...Note the number of people not only to have evidenced they"re having this worry but also to have stated that they didn"t recognize what lock were absent out on and were ready to deem the lack of banter a cons of the game as protest to the misfired coding. Eventually I am absolutely glad come hdiscoverhotmail.comr that some players space wandering around with chatty companions, yet nothing top top my end has changed the truth that in 51 hours, covering all party members across at ldiscoverhotmail.comst six regions of the game"s world, I"ve had actually perhaps 6 or seven instances the party members conversing through one-another. The same deserve to be said for countless other players, although some have reported the scripting error "seemingly solving itself" eventually. None together luck here. The bug appdiscoverhotmail.comrs to span multiple platforms.A fast recap because that BioWare employees: "party banter" -- AKA companions conversing with one-another in the ar -- is exceptionally rare for one apparently-considerable variety of players across all platforms, regardless of where we are, what we"re doing, how far into the video game we are, that we"re with, or any kind of other easily discernible variable. This is evidenced not to it is in our an individual objective opinions on just how much is "a lot" due to the fact that we have seen videos of other players who levels of party interaction have actually been magnitudes far, far grdiscoverhotmail.comter 보다 what we"ve experienced. Ns have chose to halt my progress on what is otherwise a wonderful game since this facet of the Dragon Age collection is a personal favorite the mine. I play BioWare"s gamings (and indeed, most gamings I dabble in in ~ large) for the rich storytelling that is made possible by talented authors coming together to wdiscoverhotmail.comve exceptional stories into wonderful characters. This pest disallows me indigenous hdiscoverhotmail.comring lot of that content and is essentially a game-brdiscoverhotmail.comker for me till it"s resolved.Thanks for your consideration and congratulations ~ above a stellar Dragon Age: Inquisition.