Dragon ball Xenoverse connection Issues are affect a many PlayStation and also Xbox football player of the game, countless of lock reported that they can’t affix to the server or the the servers are currently full others are gaining disconnected indigenous the server. These issues show up to influence every platform that the video game was exit on.

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Yesterday us released a tutorial because that the errors on Dragon sphere Xenoverse computer version and a most console users complained that they room encountering a the majority of errors too. The most typical Dragon round Xenoverse errors top top consoles (PlayStation 3,4 and also Xbox One,360) are: football player can’t affix to the server, and they get this error “DRAGON sphere XENOVERSE-Server is not available. Please shot again later.”, part PlayStation customers are obtaining constantly kicked the end of the game and receiving this error “You’re not logged into PSN.” although they are linked to PSN. Top top consoles, the many annoying problem is the Connection problems that seems to it is in encountered on both consoles: PlayStation and also Xbox too. Yet this is no the only error some players likewise complained about crashes and freezes throughout the game, and they necessary to reset the console to get the video game to work again.

How To resolve Dragon ball Xenoverse connection Issues:

Our team of developers released some papers that girlfriend can add to her console, run them and also the connection issues should be solved after that. Friend can discover the papers here. You will uncover inside the save a readme.txt record that includes a overview on exactly how to apply the patch to your console and also fix the connection issues.

Bandai Namco has actually now comment to the issue and said:

“Dear Dragon sphere Xenoverse players,

You may be dealing with some worries to log in on come Dragon ball Xenoverse servers yet be assured that we are taking treatment of this instance to solve it as soon as possible.

As of today and also mainly on playstation 4, you may face:– Denied link to the server– Denied link to solitary or multiplayer lobbies– unintended log out after entering lobbies

In bespeak to confirm the issues and also solve them, we are working on:– Tweaking servers configuration to adapt need of every platforms– keep on elevating the log in on border for servers– changing settings the server database to enhance stability.

When these alters will be used to the servers, they may cause unintentional log in out during gameplay or “server maintenance” status.

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We are really sorry for the inconveniences caused and also thank girlfriend for her patience. Us will article regularly updates around our efforts.”

We hope that our tutorial helped you resolve your Dragon round Xenoverse connection Issues and if girlfriend have any type of questions or if you conference difficulties, please contact us by leaving a comment below, and we will assist you settle your game.

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