E-Sys Setup 3.30.0 (build 49694): not tested

https://mega.nz/#!l0JhHDQb!zwLgH90P0CxXdSN0DiX7sw6f3myexX5pv-_xXqkMpss ESys Launcher agree 2.8.0 Build_153: not tested


NcdCafdTool v0.5.1: not tested


E-Sys Launcher Premium: no tested


E sys v3.23.4 + V50.3 data + TOKEN + PIN: tested OK!!


Credits to every sponsors esp. Shawnsheridan

Observations: E sys 3.30.0 upgrade info1) readjusted Settings => “EST” Tab to “Authentication” Tab and expanded the functionality:


2) solved KIS Database “Not available” problem (introduced in 61.5 PSdZData) when provided with E-Sys 3.28.1 or 3.29.0:


E-sys 3.30.0 info you need to know:

– E-Sys 3.29.0 and also 3.30.0 have actually been released since after TokenMaster last disappeared, for this reason don’t suppose them, or any type of future version of E-Sys to work with E-Sys Launcher, till if and when TokenMaster returns and also starts update E-Sys Launcher again.

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That said, E-Sys without E-Sys Launcher deserve to be provided for because that Programming, VO Coding, and FDL Coding making use of Untrimmed CAFD. – Esys plus 2.8 show wrong coding currently with brand-new pzdata , therefore be mindful with it(but come avoid any type of confusion, this is an E-Sys Plus concern related to more recent psdzdata and also has naught to perform with topic of this thread, which is E-Sys 3.30.)

– Tokenmaster’s ESysLauncherPRO 2.8.0 Build_153 obtainable now:– included support because that E-Sys 3.29– included support for E-Sys 3.30

How to download E-sys 3.30.0 v Java 32 bit:

For flashing failure threats to minimize, you require as lot JAVA memory together you deserve to have.E-sys 3.30.0 come standard v Java 32 bit, maximizing usable storage to 2Gb (actually less, due to the fact that runtime uses several Mb’s as well. Thx Tokenmaster).Default setting in E-sys 3.30.0 is 1024Mb. You can adjust it (in esys.bat; thx Shawn)to about 1500Mb. If you collection too high, E-sys won’t begin anymore. Simply trial&error.If friend want more usable storage to further reduce memory connected flash failures, upgrade Java to 64bit:

1. Download/Install vcredist_x64.exe (see link)2. Download/Install JRE 8 x64 (see link)3. Delete JRE folder in c:EC-appsESGE-Sysjre4. Rename just installed JRE 8 x64 folder(c:Program FilesJavajre1.8.0_144) to JRE and also move to c:EC-appsESGE-sysjre.5. Change memory setup in esys.bat::startEsys:set OPTION_MEMORY=-Xmx3000m (or 2048 or 4000 or whatever)6. Run E-sys and also close E-sys7. Open last LOG document in c:DataLogs8. Find for : “Java (max)” Without price quotes to examine your current max usable memory9. Usage E-sys software with diminished flash failure risks

For me this was solution for NBT flash issues!

BMW ENET E-sys 3.30.0 review: 

I experiment it by psdzdata 3.62.1 because that coding and also programming ok.

But for FDL coding, because CAFD was trimmed,so describe launcher+E-sys 2.8.1+psdzdata for reference,for instance “startup_emblem” countered the 32th from bottom the 3001,in the “Ausgelesen” the “Werte=00”,changed to “01”,so acquired the error:“Failed to sign FDL,EstCmCryptgraphicExcetion:SignHandler deserve to not it is in initialized v data from EST.

For FDL Coding, E-Sys Launcher offers both one .EST Token solution for signing Coding Changes, and CAFD Mapping to add back in and display the Trimmed Data.

You carry out not have .EST Token solution, for this reason you have EST error. So, either a actual BMW AG .EST Token document is needed or E-Sys need to be spot to expropriate a non-OEM .EST Token file.

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Beyond Token, you also need either Untrimmed PSdZData indigenous BMW AG’s vault. There is no Untrimmed PSdZData, you can resort come “counting” technique as girlfriend did, or similarly using FDL Storage info (Address and Bitmask), i beg your pardon spares friend the counting, however both techniques are tedious and also make the presumption that present CAFD execution FDL Code structure is very same as vault version, an presumption that is not constantly true. Without Untrimmed PSdZData, FDL Coding is finest left to older E-Sys 3.23.4 / 3.27.1 / 3.28.1 and E-Sys Launcher.