A brand-new eBay survey finds practically 75% of consumer sellers started offering secondhand also products in 2020 for added income.

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The United States closed out 2020 with an unemployment price of 6.7%, almost two times greater than prior to the pandemic started. Amid COVID-19, more civilization are trying to find methods to earn extra income — and also, according to eBay’s latest survey of its sellers, they’re finding it in recommerce. 

Recommerce, or the resale of pre-owned items, has easily come to be a pathmethod for sellers to minimize financial obstacles carried on by the pandemic. Released this day, eBay’s new Rebusiness Report finds that practically three-quarters of sellers surveyed began offering pre-owned products last year for supplepsychological revenue — around 14% shelp they specifically turned to rebusiness, because they shed their jobs due to COVID-19.

Furthermore, eBay’s brand-new survey mirrors that more civilization, particularly Generation Z, are turning to buying and also offering secondhand items virtual to assistance a healthier world and also sustaincapacity efforts all at once. 

“eBay is committed to helping entrepreneurs flourish on our marketplace,” sassist Chief Sustaincapacity Officer Renee Morin. “Rebusiness is giving our area, across all generations and also approximately the civilization, through an additional avenue of economic possibility in the time of the global pandemic — while likewise highlighting the sustainable benefits of buying and also marketing pre-owned items.” 

Finding Opportunity in Houseorganize Items

What bolsters this trend approximately recommerce is the reality that the majority of sellers are finding items to offer on eBay within their very own households. According to the survey, 85% of civilization in the UNITED STATE who have offered pre-owned products on eBay sindicate found these items to sell at home from things they no much longer use. In truth, the survey reflects that Americans have an average of 36 items approximately their family members that can be resold at an approximated $3,675 — a perhaps considerable increase to their walallows.

eBay sellers are not only finding additional methods to earn revenue in marketing pre-owned items but are likewise reaping the benefits of recommerce as consumers. Approximately 80% of eBay sellers show they bought pre-owned items themselves in the last year, with 78% saying they’ve purchased pre-owned at leastern once eextremely 3 months. The report also finds that buying secondhand also is getting even more popularity, through almost three-quarters, or 72%, of UNITED STATE respondents saying that buying pre-owned products has actually become more widespread in recent years.

As sellers attain a secondary revenue stream from listing their pre-owned items, shoppers can discover brand-new prizes at more affordable prices. And these treasures run the gamut, through pre-owned innovation and also electronic devices items being the the majority of popular and profitable, and also apparel prefer sneakers, apparel and bags coming in at a close second. Almany one-3rd, or 28%, of U.S. sellers say that modern technology and also electronic devices items secure maximum sales, causing over half of those surveyed, at 51%, concentrating on offering such products.

Generation Z’s Role in the Rebusiness Revolution

In both cases – buying and also offering – eBay’s survey uncovered that Generation Z plays a major role in driving the recommerce rdevelopment forward. Globally, 73% of survey respondents aged 18 to 24 say they are considering offering for the financial benefit – over double the average across all generations. At the exact same time, Gen Z is additionally buying more pre-owned items than other generations, with 81% of 18- to 24-year-olds saying that buying pre-owned has actually come to be more common in the last year.

Of course, the added bonus of recommerce is just how it’s better for the atmosphere overall. Rebusiness helps to preserve the world’s natural sources and also mitigate our carbon footprint — from saving on the water and power typically supplied in producing new goods to staying clear of items being sent to landfills.

For New York resident Hannah Stringer, shopping secondhand also is a way for her to support greener living and the environment. “It’s a myth that you need to buy more eco-friendly items which are frequently more expensive and expense prohibitive for many areas. In actuality, recommerce is the the majority of effective strategy as a customer taking on a climate crisis,” she sassist. “eBay has actually rebuilt my intake lifecycle. I buy pre-owned goods via the intention of keeping them for a lifetime.”

For sellers, eBay’s survey finds that sustaincapacity and also concern for the environment is an essential reason for selling pre-owned items in enhancement to the financial benefits it offers. About 16% of UNITED STATE respondents say that the sustainability and eco-friendly benefit is a motivation for offering pre-owned items, while this number is greater for various other countries like Germany (39%), France (34%) and also the UK (32%). This catalyst rises when considering selling in the future: About 30% of U.S. respondents say that the sustainability and environmental benefit of rebusiness is among their peak reasons to start offering pre-owned items.

At eBay, we’ve constantly been rooted in our objective to empower world and tiny businesses to create financial possibility. Certainly, over the course of 2020, we invested even more than $100 million in small businesses via global programs like Up & Running, an initiative that helps tiny businesses obtain and also flourish virtual.

Read eBay’s full Recommerce Report to learn even more about how rebusiness is producing financial possibility for sellers, while likewise bringing joy to shoppers and supporting a more sustainable future.

Further Key Findings from eBay’s Rebusiness Report:

About 87% of U.S. respondents say that they have actually marketed pre-owned products in the last 12 months.

Of those that haven’t marketed recently, 53% of UNITED STATE sellers say that they are most likely to start marketing pre-owned items later on. 

About 56% of UNITED STATE respondents say they currently offer even more pre-owned items than they did 1-5 years earlier.

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Survey Methodology

Over the course of about four weeks, we surveyed 4,330 of eBay’s consumer- to- customer (C2C) sellers in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany kind of and also France, from Oct. 12, 2020, to Nov. 9, 2020. In the UNITED STATE and Canada, this consists of all sellers through much less than $10,000 gross merchandise value (GMV) or fewer than 25 transactions in a year. In the U.K, Germany type of and France this contains any seller who identifies themselves as C2C.