I just downloaded eclipse for Java Yesterday however when ns was trying to acquire make my very first program, I maintained on gaining this error:

must explain a called package eclipse because this compilation unit is linked to the called module x. Just how do I solve this?




The "delete module-info.java at your Project explorer tab" answer is the easiest and most simple answer, but

for those who would want a little more understanding or manage of what"s happening, the following alternating methods may be desirable;

make an ever before so slightly more realistic application; com.YourCompany.etcor just com.HelloWorld (Project name: com.HelloWorld and also class name: HelloWorld)


when creating the java project; once in the create Java task dialog, don"t select Finish but Next, and deselect develop module-info.java file
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Reason the the error: Package name left empty while creating a class. This manipulate default package. Thus causes this error.

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Quick fix:

Create a package eg. HelloWorld within the src folder.Move helloWorld.java paper in the package. Simply drag and drop onthe package. Error have to disappear.


Latest variation of Eclipse compelled java11 or above. The module feature is presented in java9 and also onward. It was proposed in 2005 because that Java7 however later suspended. Java is object oriented based. And also module is the moduler strategy which deserve to be watched in language favor C. It was harder come implement it, due to which it took lengthy time because that the release. Source: expertise Java 9 Modules

When you produce a brand-new project in Eclipse then by default module function is selected. And in Eclipse-2020-09-R, a pop-up appears which asking for development of module-info.java file. If you select don"t develop then module-info.java will certainly not create and your job will complimentary from this issue.

Best exercise is when crating project, after offering project name. Click on next switch instead the finish. On following page at the bottom the ask for development of module-info.java file. Select or deselect as per need.

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If selected: (by default) click on finish button and give surname for module. Currently while developing a course don"t forget to give package name. Anytime you develop a class just offer package name. Any type of name, simply don"t left it blank.